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New resource available for Key Stage 4 Frankenstein

Discussion in 'English' started by jo_chard, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. jo_chard

    jo_chard New commenter


    I work for the University of London and we've created a new resource relating to Frankenstein. The resource is aimed at students studying GCSE, but sections of it could also be used for A Level. You can download the resource here -


    We want to get this as far and wide as possible, so any information on where teachers typically go to find resources would be very helpful!

    Many thanks!


    (Public Engagement Coordinator, University of London)
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    An excellent supplement to any Frankenstein unit. The visuals in the plot summary alone are worth the download, and I'm sure the pictures (and accompanying figure-it-out nature) will help readers remember key events.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope to see other resources from you in the future!

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