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New resit/retake rules

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by atics, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Apologies if this is a stupid question. I know that year 10s starting GCSEs this September will have to sit all of their assessment in maths in June 2014 as no resits, retakes or modular assessments are allowed.
    However, what my school likes to do is put students in for Foundation at the end of year 10, then either resit Foundation or Higher in year 11, depending on whether they get a C or not. Do the new rules allow for this? OCR's explanation isn't 100% clear and I thought maybe if they are sitting different tiers retakes would be allowed.
    I am hoping that this puts paid to this awful scheme and that teachers will have to decide what course a child follows at the start of the GCSE, then the teacher can make a more informed decision about Higher/Foundation in preparation for sitting the exam in Summer of Year 11.
    Many thanks.
  2. To clarify further:
    OCR states "It will have an impact on Year 9 candidates who started a three year
    programme in September 2011. These candidates will now be required to
    take all of their assessment in June 2014."
    We have year 9 groups who will eventually sit Higher but will sit Foundation at the end of year 9. Is there any point in this, or will whatever they sit/get in June 2014 be what counts. Can we be safe in the knowledge that they have a C in the bag from the Foundation, or is that completely irrelevant as it's what they get in June 2014 that will determine their grade?
  3. Thanks for replying but I'm even more confused than before now!
    If y8 and below need to sit linear option, what do you mean by them being able to sit all modules together if they want? Surely linear means they sit all exams at the end?
    How can it be that they could do Nov of y11 and June of y11? Or have I misread that and it means that if they go for Nov y11, they wouldn't be allowed to retake in June of y11?
    I presumed resits can happen in sixth form whatever, but does this mean there will be no January sitting? For our students Nov would be too soon but many do achieve it by January.
    Apologies if I'm being thick, I am trying to get my head around all the different options and it's about as clear as mud to me!
  4. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    - Basically at the moment both the current Linear and Modular will still be available when students follow the 100% terminal exam rule. So in other words a student has to sit 100% of their exam at one sitting. So students could do 2 x linear papers (100%) or 3 x module papers (100%) as long as they do them in the same sitting.
    - Awarding body websites have all the details about the sittings. There is FAQ on OFQUAL website too. But bascially students can still sit GCSE maths early (i.e. June Y10, Nov Y11 etc...). November is not just for resit.
    We used to use the OCR January sitting, which I think was better than November - but this has gone now (it;s either November or June).

  5. This is still confusing me, sorry! Are you saying they can sit them early, but then they can't sit them again?
  6. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    At the moment they can sit them early and take them again.
    (So they could sit in June Y10 and Nov Y11 and June Y11 if thy want) and take best grade.
    Gove has said he wants to schools to be persuaded not to do this, so watch this space, but at this moment this is what students can and will be able to do.
  7. On OCR's website http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/type/gcse_2012/index.aspx?WT.ac=qlgcse_230212 it says:
    "Candidates who start a two year course in September 2012 will take all
    of their GCSE units in June 2014 at the end of their course and in the
    same series that they will certificate for their qualification."
    So presumably this does mean that those who would be in year 11 in June 2014 categorically cannot sit a paper before then? I only wondered if there would be an exception to sit Foundation earlier THEN sit Higher, as these are different units but the same spec?
  8. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Yes but no one stipulates when the two year GCSE begins. Maths is Maths. There is no cut off between ks3 and GCSE. It's continuous. You could do GCSE in a year.
  9. Yes I know, this is what I'm trying to get to the bottom of. Thanks for trying, I think I'm a lost cause.
  10. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Ofqual has a FAQ on their website giving details. Also Edexcel and AQA have similar FAQ, which make it clearer than OCR.
  11. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Students can do GCSE Maths as many times as the school wants them to, in any November or June session, in any year. Modular courses are becoming linear so all modules are taken in the same month. Gove is just posturing with his 'no early entry, no retakes' idea, all that is really changing is the loss of fully modular courses.
  12. Thanks - the Ofqual FAQs were more useful than OCR's guidance.
    Disappointing news, finally thought we were getting away from the retake culture.

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