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New research - let's ask teachers about their job, let's highlight what they do

Discussion in 'News' started by emijelli, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. emijelli

    emijelli New commenter

    Hi there

    I'm Emma-Jane and I'm currently doing my PhD. at MMU. After being a teacher for nearly 10 years I decided that it was about time teachers were asked about what they thought productivity in their job looked like, not just being judged on student exam / BTEC grades. I'm also exploring if there is a link between different areas of productivity and well-being and what teachers feel affects their well-being.

    I hope that my research will lead to a change in performance management procedures that make it more encompassing of a teachers job to improve the working lives of teachers.

    So far I've conducted two online zoom meetings and I'd really like to do a few more to get as broad a range as possible of teachers thoughts and feelings. The only requirements are that you're employed in a state maintained school, deliver KS4 courses and are in England. All career levels and experience is welcomed!

    This research is really important to not only me but the academic and professional community, so please if you have an hour to spare get in touch.

    Many thanks


    Please see the links below for more information
    Link to Google Form to be contacted
    Link to my abstract
    Link to Centre for Decent Work & Productivity
    Link to my research with CfDW&P

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