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New relationships

Discussion in 'Personal' started by knickersinatwist, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Thanks. Unfortunately the phone can't go off today (am taking my Guides on a residential trip tomorrow and may get calls from parents tonight lol). I will try to stop worrying though. I certainly won't be texting him every 5 minutes - don't want to scare the poor guy off :)

    He is so totally different from anyone else I have dated / been in a relationship with - he actually is a nice person lol. At the moment its in that stage where we have been on a couple of dates that have gone really well, but obviously not enough to be considered a 'relationship' - I'm not good with uncertainty!
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    JUST LET THE MAN LIE........ most woman seemed determined that if smitten they must have this or that out the poor guy.and somehow he dont love them if he dont text. You are jumping the gun a nd persuming ,based upon a feeeling, that all thing are recipricol.They may not be for a man.I certainly wouldnt dream of texting all the while ,,,,,besides which i often have other things to do,
    So hold your horses and dont let the excitement of the occasion blow you away.
    Listen to the ladies...accept he is nice, you clicked and he has arroused your interest......but please give the man space,We old fogies had to write letters in the old days.You still looked forward to the letter back , but you did have time to consider your options.If he is a keeper he will wait......if he is a grab and be gone the you wont miss much.Be your happy self.after all that is what probabaly attracted him...and give hin time tto consider if he wants to persue.rather than you presuing him. A good reltionship takes time to develop so give it time and dont letter your heart and emotions get into a flutter!
  3. Listen to olds.
    He knows of what he speaks.
    Although I don't think he meant...
    Just let the man lie to you.
    I think he meant...give him a bit of space.
    But hey olds, you know, some men don't give women space you know.
    Fair is fair.

  4. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    i always think the old the adgae marry in haste and repent at leisure..and the same applies to a relationship.
    In the end it depends upon the maturity of the individuals.....and in matters of the heart it is to easy to let the heart be swayed by emotion,a moment, a look or a touch........which is why we need to stand away and let things take their course.( i speak from experience in this matter)
    As to men texting a lot.......well i can understand if he thinks your the best thing since sliced bread,,,,but also there can be a 100 and one reasons.Make him wait...if h likes you that much he wil remain.....if he cant wait..then tough( its the advice i allways gave my daughter and so far its worked......then again who am I but a silly old dad![​IMG]
    I think often you know when you meet ..its that something that clicks, that says wow and puts stars in your eyes.....yet even then i would still err on caution.....unless a partner isnt for life....just a passing amusement!
  5. Olds, I would have been married more frequently than Mrs. Taylor, if that were true.
    Stars in your eyes is being infactuated - it is not love.
    I only ever once had the click you speak of - that was my ex husband. It was not wrong. It was right. The getting married was the wrong bit.
    We are great parents. We are **** at being together.
    But that click - it was right. We can drive each other nuts, and we do - but we are goddam parents.
    That was the click.
  6. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Strangely i didnt have a click for my wife..in fact i was totally unsure i wouldstay with her. i had come out of a relationship that ws so heart rending i wouldnt want to remember all the detail.
    Yet with patience and care she gained my respect, my confidence and eventually my love......and still together some 34 years later(although i would never say its isnt hard work at times..as you wil be aware as you have read these forum as long as me an you will remember many of my postings over the years)
    I can still see a person and the eyes twinkle and im a sucker for emotional turn ons........but as i have said..stand back and then the reality of life kicks in and the emotion loses its shine,
    Yet i wouldnt want the 'moments' to fade ot never happen.they are the spice of life and relationships!
  7. Re: texting - I have the most wonderful, considerate and loving o/h but he is BLOODY useless at texting back. It's absolutely NOTHING to worry about - some people just can't do things instantly. It takes him over an hour to make a cup of tea.....
  8. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Wait until you meet his wife, she'll put you right!

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