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**New** RE- Co-Ordinator!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by sophiaw, May 7, 2012.

  1. Hi :) I had a meeting with my HT on Thursday and I will be taking on RE as of now, eekk! I am in my 2nd year of teaching and this seems such a such a big responsibility. I've spent all weekend making at RE Co-ordinator file as RE hasn't been 'touched' for the last 2 years! I have created an action plan, but not sure whether its right? Does anybody mind letting me see their action plan? Also, I want to try and make an impact on RE in school and try something different? Any ideas? I've though of an RE Day, or planned visitor from different religions come into school... anything else?

    I think possibly I am trying to do too many things at once as I am thinking about a Guide to the agreed syllabus. But I don't know where to start? I was wondering whether anybody has seen anything, created one or have ideas on how to start one?

    Thank you, Sophia. X
  2. Which agreed syllabus are you? (and are you looking for primary or secondary help?)
  3. racbre

    racbre New commenter

    Have you checked out www.re-handbook.org.uk? That has some great ideas about how to formulate a Departmental file and key issues to sort / think about / do. Visiting speakers are great, but even better are school trips out - e.g. Jewish Museum in Manchester, York Minster etc. You're right in that you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew given that it is your 2nd year of teaching but good for you.
  4. Sorry its such a late reply. I'm Leicester City Agreed Syllabus and I am looking for Primary help! Any advice you have would be brilliant :)

    Sophia. X
  5. Hi, I don't have any immediate help but I am in exactly the same boat, but I work in a Catholic primary!!??!! I'd love to share ideas if your up for it :) I'm about to do a handover with the last co-ordinator so I'm desperately hoping I get more info then.
    All the best :)

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