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New "Exciting" GCSE ????

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Bazza, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Anyone know when a new GCSE will be coming out that makes ICT more "exciting" and fits in with the statement from Michael Gove about ICT moving away from being a boring subject?
    I have been told to drop OCR Nationals this year and offer ICT GCSE from September. However all the current GCSE's on offer look dire!!!

  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Does the person asking for this know that OCR Nationals will be very different from Sept?
    They're trying to meet the Goveian targets.

  3. Yes - but we have been told to offer GCSE they think that they hold more kudos compared to Nationals even in an an updated form.
  4. Many 6th Form Colleges think this and I have yet to meet an Employer who has heard of teh OCR Nationals.
    It's all going to change over the next year or two so why change only to risk changing again?
  5. As you have no choice, i sympathise. The ict courses are very poor and mind destroying. The coursework is paricularly bad. Can you make a case for doing Gcse Computing? The ocr course isn't perfect but most of our lot doing it like it. If you have been told to do gcse ict then avoid aqa. Their support is poor, they only put support courses on in London and in the far north and their coursework takes an age to mark. Oh, and both units are sooo boring and take ages to complete.
  6. Aaargh all the specs look so old fashioned and boring!!! Its like going back to the dark ages! There must be some GCSE ICT course out there that is exciting and that the pupils and teachers will enjoy. Have been looking at Edexcel as that looks like the best of a bad bunch but I will have to find out what shelf life it has before we commit a cohort of pupils!
  7. Is anyone considering the new Dida? Looks as though it has some interesting modules and a practical exam

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