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New PSHE Co-ordinator

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by preston, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. rachstar

    rachstar New commenter

  2. Contact your PSHE/Citizenship Adviser at the LEA. I did this and she came in and spent a day with me putting together SOW and an action plan. It is their job to advise and in my experience they are extremely helpful and only to happy to help.
  3. Please could I also have a copy of the audit, I've been asked to complete one too and have no clue!!!!
    thanks in advance! jillpaulwarburton@hotmail.com
  4. beckie_davies

    beckie_davies New commenter

    <font size="2">I would also be very appreciative of a copy.</font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">Thanks</font><font size="2"></font> beckie_davies@hotmail.com
  5. I've just seen your reply about a PSHE audit. I'd really appreciate your sending one to me. I'm starting as PSHE coordinator in my Primary school in September.
    Many thanks
  6. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    If anyone has a copy of the PSHE audit I would be very grateful if you could forward it to me so I can start afresh in September. Thanks.
  7. Sorry to jump on but I too am starting as PSHE co-ordinator in Sept and would appreciate a squizz at the audit if possible...


    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
  8. To Preston
    I would appreciate the info on how to conduct a PSHE audit also if you wouldn't mind sending it to me. My email is:
  9. Hey,
    I am a former teacher who now works as an Education Officer for an orphan charity. Naturally, I can't miss out on an opportunity to mention our lesson resources, which I think are ideal for PSHE. Well I would say that I guess, as I kind of wrote most of it... It's free to download and easy to follow:
    Yes it does promote the work of the charity, but you're of course free to chop and choose as you wish!
    Good luck!
  10. hi,
    i might be taking over the role of PSHE co-ordinator this year, if anyone has a copy of the PSHE audit, could you please forward me a copy?
    thanks in advance!
  11. Hi
    This is probably a bit of a cheek, but how did you get into your current role?
    I have just left teaching after 34 years, exhausted and disillusioned, and need a new direction.
    I have looked at charity roles but not found anything quite right yet.
    Any help gratefully received!
  12. OOps! previous post was meant for Helenatsos!!!

  13. Hi Preston,

    Please could you send me an outline on how to conduct a PSHE primary audit and any info you have on PSHE primary curriculum:



  14. padavid10

    padavid10 New commenter

    Hi all,

    Jumping on the new to PSHE bandwagon and I'd greatly appreciate anything you have.

  15. Hi
    Could you also send me a copy? Would be greatly appreciated


    Thank you
  16. i would really really appreciate a copy too if possible.


    thank you very much
  17. Preston, sorry to be cheeky! Can I please look at your audit too?
    I will, of course, share what I do with it back to you.
  18. Hi Preston,
    Would be so grateful for a copy of your PSHE audit too.
    Many thanks.
  19. Is there any chance I could be cheeky too and ask for a copy of the audit and any other bits of info you have. Have just been made PSHE co-ordinator too and need to revamp the SOW because everyone hates teaching it!
    Thank you so much

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