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New PSHE Co-ordinator

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by preston, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I can send you an outline on how to conduct a PSHE audit if that would help.
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  2. Are you secondary or primary?
    Either way you need to start with the National Curriculum. Do an audit - see what's covered and what isn't.

    If you are secondary my SOW and LPs are on www.historyshareforum.com

  3. LaGlo

    LaGlo New commenter

    I am in a similar position. I would be VERY VERY grateful for any help on conducting an audit. Any chance I could get some help too pleease?
    Many thanks
  4. shall I send the audit guidelines to you?
  5. Preston
    I too would appreciate it if you could forward me the outline of a PSE audit as I have an interview for a post soon.
  6. If your local Healthy Schools team are any good, they should be able to provide loads of support. I've had loads of resources and guidance from my Healthy Schools team. They've provided and financed CPD training for myself and 2 other staff that's been accredited as a third of an MA (A Post Grad. Cert. in PSHE). We have a resources library for the Borough and they also organise network meetings for all local PSHE CoOrdinators. They can also give advise and contacts for educational visits.
  7. happy to send the audit but I need somewhere to send it to!!and I endorse the suggestion of conacting your HS team.
  8. Preston

    I know I'm jumping on the band wagon but would like to look at your audit tool. Been coordinator since Sept with no support or evident backing from SMT. Need inspiration on where to start!

    Thanks in advance

  9. naokal

    naokal New commenter

  10. mail has arrived!!
  11. Could you please send me an outline on how to conduct a PSHE audit. Hopefully I can return the favour some day ;) Thanks


  12. Naokal, your e mail came bouncing back.
  13. Thank you for mine :)
    Have a nice weekend
  14. Hi preston,

    I'm sorry to be cheeky but I did not receive an email.
  15. hi preston, i'm an NQT in a small school and am taking over PSHE next year! I could really do with a bit of guidance so could I please also have a copy of your audit...it would really help as i'm getting a bit nervous!
  16. hope it works this time...
  17. Hi Everyone,

    I'm hoping to go for an interview for pshe/citizenship co-ordinater and was wondering if anyone had any hints on interview questions? I really want to get the job!!

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  18. I'm in similar position - just been made head of PSHE & Citizenship and not sure where to begin. All advice appreciated! Thanks.

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