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New Primary Curriculum "restoring the rigor in primary schools"?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by thrupp, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Where/when did it disappear ?
  2. Where/when did it disappear ?
  3. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    I have never taught times tables, nor apostrophes', (intentional), scientific facts and I do not think any of my infant children can recite a poem - we never sing/play rhyming games or teach fonixs. come to think of it I have never taught multiplication of fractions to a Key Stage 2 child. and... My children have had no French teaching because we don't have to...

    Thank Gove rigor is being restored because rigor - mortise is setting in.

    What world is he in....
  4. Much of what was announced is little more than "spin", but there are a few good things in the proposals.
  5. And let's not forget that levels are going - to be replaced by 'descriptions of attainment', which, for ease of use, will be numbered...
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    You couldn't make up this degree of nonsense, could you?
    Ooh, sorry, you can - Gove is doing.
  7. I was involved in a very interesting conversation with a member of DFE, last week.

    Gove writes much
    of the policies himself, unaided by educationalists, but supported by his
    "arrogant and obnoxious 24 year old “advisors"(good conservative soc.
    boys and girls taken straight from Uni to party HQ). Tim Oates (ex
    QCA/NCVQ/Etc) is the sort of person who’s tongue is licking the boots of
    ministers regardless of party, he was, allegedly Ed Balls best mate to name but

    In this instance
    the man has demonstrated his devotion to whoever wealds the stick, by “trawling”
    (selecting bits out of context) the ‘best’ curriculums in the world to produce
    a myopic straight jacket of a curriculum, possibly modeled on Daily Mail and
    Telegraph headlines and Gove’s whimsies , within which teachers will be tied
    and a series of “focused” inspections and narrow tests, within which schools
    shall be bound, and no doubt beaten, should they fail to meet the numbered
    expectations, whatever they are???????

    I suppose a move
    to academy will avoid the use of this curriculum, but the required outcomes
    will no doubt force adoption….Freedom to use one’s own expertise, pah!

    So now we move
    from dictated method to dictated outcome and method and who will suffer ? why,
    the little children’s of course. Who will be given a narrow and archaic rote
    lead education which teaches them to listen to what’s right, be told how it’s
    done and not to bother thinking too hard.

    Gosh, what sort
    of person/people would want a population like that?????

  8. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    I shared a news report on this topic with my KS2 class today. Their overwhelming reaction..... 'but we already do all of that!' If a 7 year old can see this........ Mind you this is nothing new, I once 'flamed' at Humphries and the Today show for the sweeping condemnation of modern schools who 'don't teach grammar'. Pointless waste of my time, but I did feel better
    I have charged the children with a quest, to go forth and explain the reality to anyone who will listen.
  9. Isn't primary school all colouring in and playing in the sand?

    in all honesty my step-daughter has had a very rigorous primary education. She is interested in learning and very good at grammar. Her maths isn't fantastic, but she knows how to multiply etc, it just takes her time... Change for the sake of getting your name in the history book is pathetic.
  10. I liked the 'revolutionised' new system of teacher training. 10000 students a year will be training within schools. (Currently 7000 already do, but you get extra marks for using ambitious vocabulary in a news report don't you, so let's go with 'revolutionised' even if it doesn't make any sense!)

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