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New Primary curriculum dropped

Discussion in 'Primary' started by WolfPaul, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. I wish more schools thought like this! I find it amazing that schools/heads etc whinge about "being the professionals" and being told what to do ahd take on more "initiatives", but very few realise they know FAR more than policy wonks at DCSF and should just (to quote Churchill) "keep b ug ger ing on." Somehow, the profession has been disempowered over the last 20 years and I do wonder if we can keep calling it such.
  2. As a GTP I was really looking forward to the new curriculum - just typical!
  3. I am not so sure if that is true? Surley a lot of this is about politicians trying to score points off each other in the run up to the election! Given the depth of national feeling stirred up in the past year by the mismanagement of public money, any new government will have to be very careful about explaining away the waste of such huge public investment. Any government will be loath to do so in their first few months. Its not like the teaching unioins will let that one slip by un noticed! I think the most we will see in the case of The Conservatives winning is a slightly adapted version of the new curriculum.

  4. Read the link as posted earlier - straight from the horse's mouth:
    Millions of tax payers' money already spent being wasted by not adopting.
    Gove's proposed curriculum is completely different - in fact, the antithesis of the 'new' curriculum, so much so that a Conservative government would be severly impeded in attaining their curriculum goals by using any of it.
    Gove has stated more than once that he would junk it and start again - "back to basics" sort of thinking.
  5. Vote Conservative!! (Wait til after the election before you do any work on your curriculum!)
  6. there are plenty of schools out there who have sallied forth even though they knew an election was in the offing ... and continue to do so, potentially wasting staff's time and effort, as they may well have to do it all again. How efficient and aware of workload is that?! All so they can say they were first!
    Another reason why education should be out of the hands of politicians completely.
  7. New Labour's Education agenda back in 1997 was also based on a back to basics agenda and look were that wound up!
    The Primary Curriculum being removed from the bill to rush it through before parliament was dissolved does not mean mean it may not still be adopted. What I was trying to say is that while the Conservatives do not agree with anything the current goverment do in education, on principle, when and if it actually comes down to it, it will be interesting to see how they square the "reducing waste in the public sector circle". I really hope it encourages lots of Primary School Staff to register their concerns through unions, GTC etc.
    I think the point a number of contributors alluded to about taking the opportunity to exercise some independence from central policy and take out what is valuable for our own schools and pupils is really important. Maybe the chance to do something about taking our profession back from the politicians is now while they are all too busy at the hustings!
  8. Had one of the directors of National Strategies in my school a month ago, asked her same question, she said all Strategies resources would remain avaliable but no additions would be made, and the frameworks would still be expected to be adhered to whatever way we re-invented the curriculum. National srategies are being wound up all together by 2011
  9. This is half the problem!! Why should some policy wonk have any say whatsoever on professional practice in inner city Leeds as well as rural Gloucestershire schools? They are not the ones teaching in the classroom, day in day out, with all the trial, tribulations, joys and personalities. That they think they can direct the teaching of millions of children whom they do not know and have never and will never meet is clearly ridiculous.
    They are part of the problem, not the solution, so I for one would not listen to anything they have to say, further than nodding and smiling in a pitying way.
  10. I agree, new national curriculum was a step forward, links foundation stage with key stage one and a much better way of teaching children. I am sad and cross that the Tories blocked this :(
  11. So, you have examined how each MP/party voted on this matter then? Can you share please? It would make interesting reading.
  12. The revised curriculum, just as the current NC (or what is now being called "old" curriculum) did not specify HOW to teach children. It was/is a framework. The "how" is up to the teachers, just as it has been since the introduction of the original NC.
    So it is not necessarily the panacea people think. It is not actually offering more "freedom" than we already have. (It is just that so many schools have sadly come to think of the dreary dire uninspiring QCA SoWs as "the curriulum", when in fact all we EVER had to fulfil was the original requirements of the NC, which are not that different from the proposed one.)

  13. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul Occasional commenter

    By what authority was she making such a statement? The frameworks have no statutory basis at all.
    Can't come soon enough.
  14. It does not matter if the NPC is passed or not. Our school's curriculum was far closer to the NPC than the NC and we are getting the results we want. We are constantly adding new things each year to improve the curriculum. So, we will continue looking at the NPC and using what we feel benefit the children of our school.
    I think it is so silly to let government dictate HOW we will teach the children in our care. WE are the professionals in the matter and each school should be CONTINUALLY looking at their curriculum and asking themselves if this is right for their children.


  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Silly perhaps but also a legal requirement to follow the NC laid out by the government
  16. But that is just it! The National Curriculum is not set in stone on HOW you teach it. The crux of New Primary Curriculum was on looking at HOW we teach the National Curriculum. I am seeing too many people through their hands up and say... of well. There is NO legal requirement to have a Literacy Hour or Numeracy Hour. National Strat Consultants have made thousands and thousands of schools BELIEVE that their way is the legal way. But, it is not.
    So, why are schools still insisting on it when they know it is not working for them?
    The National Curriculum is a set of objectives not a way of teaching.

  17. I know, it's amazing the number of schools/people who don't realise this.
    I blame the LEA storm troopers for this.
  18. Agree....
  19. Er... somewhat conflicting statements?
    And if you taken any time to have read the revised National Curriculum, it would be clear that the first statement is incorrect.
  20. and??....

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