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New Primary Curriculum 2014

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bobbycatrules, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. bobbycatrules

    bobbycatrules New commenter

    I'm trying to understand the timescale for implementing the new curriculum- do we need to begin the implementation in school before 2014 so that it is up and running in time for then?

    Am I correct to think that teachers will continue to work from long, medium term and short- term plans? If so, does anyone know when medium and long term plans, or a framework/ strategy of any kind, will be available online?

    Thanks, bobbycat
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The final consultation on the new curriculum closes on the 8th August and the changes will be put to parliament Spt 1st. Most of the current curriculum has been disapplied from Sept so schools can choose to teach the new curriculum if they wish

    "This will mean that while maintained schools will still be required to teach national curriculum subjects, they will not be required to teach the centrally prescribed programmes of study (or use attainment targets as part of statutory assessment arrangements) from September 2013 for the following subjects:

    English, mathematics and science for pupils in year 3 and year 4

    all foundation subjects for pupils at key stages 1 and 2

    all subjects for pupils at key stage 3 and key stage 4.

    Schools can choose to continue to teach the current programmes of study or they may use the flexibility that disapplication provides to adapt their curricula to ensure that pupils are well-prepared to start learning the new programmes of study which will be introduced from September 2014"

    I don't think there are any plans to provide a framework/strategy of any kind - basically up to schools to devise their own.
  3. I have been working on a framework and happy to share examples if anyone wants to PM with an email address.
  4. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    jazzster, you are not going to make money this way. You need to think again, my friend.
  5. If you're willing to share, I would be willing to view and offer my thoughts.
  6. jazzster- that would be brilliant if you could. I am an nqt teaching a mixed year 3/4 class, my head teacher wants me to teach all subjects from the new national curriculum and feeling a bit lost at the moment with no guidence from sites such as hamilton who dont seem to be releasing anything until September. my email is aliceclifford@live.co.uk

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