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New Performance Management Sept 2012?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by CaptainPicard, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. What is your school doing about the new teacher standards and appraisal/PM arrangements for 2012?
    Are you ready? Happy? Concerned?
    Big changes? Minor changes? No change?
    Are you planning to interpret the standards, as has been suggested schools should, at differing levels ( for NQTs / experienced staff etc )?
    Have you consulted union reps?
  2. We used the new standards alongside the old ones this year for our performance management as a "trial run".
    They were different but not wildly different. I think there was more confusion as we were looking at them alongside each other. I think we'll find it easier next time around as we'll only be looking at one set of standards.
    We did interpret the standards at different levels depending on experience. Obviously once a teacher has passed the threshold there was a different expectation as well.
  3. ...it just seems to me that interpretations of standards are likely to vary considerably from school to school.
    I suppose that's just the way things in general are heading - pay not set nationally, not linked to time-served, individual schools setting their own pay scales and expectations etc.....
    We want the new PM to be tight ( a holistic view of a teacher's performance, rather than just a few narrow objectives ) & in that sense it would be more rigorous than our current system, but we also want it to be transparent, objective & 100% fair.
    Perhaps the real issue at our school is that our current PM system leaves a lot to be desired - good staff feel it is little more than lip-service and receive scant recognition for all the things they do well and weak staff, no matter how poorly they have performed, get through every year and progress up through the pay scales.
    Wilshaw also saying he wants Ofsted to have the authority to inspect & judge a school's PM systems in the future....
  4. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    IMHO the key question was asked by a colleague over 20 years ago when PM was first introduced in the guise of 'appraisal' - in front of all staff when questions were asked he said: "My brother works for 'X' [a world renowned global company] - at his appraisal he is told how well he s done, if he has, and they say, 'well Mr ...., would you like an upgraded car?" What will we get if our appraisal goes well?'
    Of course they couldn't answer, and neither could any subsequent SLT or Education minister. So PM will always be an ill disguised 'stick' not a well deserved 'carrot'...So no wonder few teachers treat it otherwise...
  5. A former colleague of mine used to say ( albeit with respect to student behaviour )
    "Stick and carrot...? The carrot is that I won't use the stick."
    I suspect if Wilshaw has his way the new appraisal will be exactly this - Stick = capability, Carrot = no capability ( this year at least ), with Ofsted leaning heavily on Heads to "get tough on underperforming staff".
    There are all sorts of potential issues here - just surprised it's not a bigger deal for unions, schools, classroom teachers, SMT - or will it just be business as usual in Sept???????
  6. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Watch the sickness & absence rate...
  7. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The (optional) appraisal system embodied in the model policy is actually a way of halting for 12 months a permanent capability procedure we will all be on.
  8. dutting

    dutting New commenter

    Does anyone have a link to the new performance management documentation please?
    Thanks in advance.
  9. Several school leaders including myself are involved in a consultancy with a company called Bluewave Swift that have, for many years now, been providing the system that we use for our Performance Management.

    We have got them to put the new professional teaching standards into the system which has automatically transferred the work by all staff, that has been previously done from the old standards to the new and the rate of development has been impressive.

    We are also consulting over a few minor enhancements now to lesson observations but they already have a fantastic analysis tool that is really coming into its own in light of needs to show clear judgements on trends visible through observations.

    The format of the objectives linking to the SIP and Professional standards is very efficient but also encourages staff to collate evidence themselves against their objectives and creating a clear and accountable track record of their work plus in built reminders.

    We still continue to have face to face time however our reviews are now based on what information staff have input into the system extensively reducing lost time.

    They post notices about their developments bit.ly/H2zY2s
  10. mychuck

    mychuck New commenter

    Very useful and it fits in with the questions for inspectors from the Ofsted document 'The quality of teaching and use of assessment to support learning'. We have used these in this round of Performance Management.

  11. jonnymarr

    jonnymarr New commenter

  12. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    We have always had PRP in the Threshold process, linked to PM, which we were very solemnly told was introduced in order to help teachers with their professional development and had nothing whatsoever to do with PRP.
    The extension to all teachers was always inevitable: watch out for the annual scale point progression from M1-6 to be the next target
  13. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The governemtn and probably the NAHT would LURV schools to adopt their ready made Appraisal policy - a kind of teacher's suicide note so there is no earthly reason for them to leave any time at all.Why do you think that unions other than those in the WAG group are respionsible for the short time scale. The NUT has moved pretty swiftly on this issue and got advice out to their divisions straightaway.

  14. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    All unions except NASUWTand VOICE I believe, have agreed a model policy .....
  15. I have prepared Exec. Summary on:
    - Appraisal from Sep 2012 for teaching and support staff
    - Teacher Standards
    - Capability.

    Current consulting all staff.
  16. We're currently in the process of reviewing our appraisal format... any other templates I've found on the interweb do not offer anything new or surprising. We're toying with the idea of a 360 type format but realise that we need to tred carefully as could be more detrimental than constructive and do we attempt to make it anonymous for a more honest opinion, but in a smallish school I can't see how this is possible... any ideas or suggestions? We really want it to be a purposeful/constructive exercise and not just another box to tick.

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