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New OCR Spec for GCSE Design and Technology results- Poor

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by kittens1, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Following on from two years of teaching GCSE Graphics, the New OCR Specification, I wanted to ask if anyone else had encountered poorer results than expected?
    When I disected the results,the coursework grades were brilliant,just what I thought theyd be. however on inspection of both GCSE classes final results, I was literally gobsmacked that the higher achieverers in the class recieved D's.
    Could it be that the exam part had totally flummaxed them? could it have been that because this is the first year the course has ran that we have been harshly marked?
    The courseworks were both big tasks, and the final pieces were ones I was very pleased with. regarding the theory work, i prepared revision material, made past papers up (this was difficult, considering the exams had only been running a year preciously, so there wasnt much material I felt i could use.) I know a lot of my students didnt collect any revision material, I know a few of them were really flagging by May/June, I was so shocked to see the grades a lot lower than I could have imagined.


  2. mmjkaejec

    mmjkaejec New commenter

    Hi I was here the last two years with OCR graphics , brilliant coursework marked down, some of it better than AS standard. Decided to move to AQA Product Design great results this year only one project good support and no shocks. I think that OCR has lost the plot
  3. hi i have had a nightmare this year with aqa to be honest. could you let me know what support you got and what project you did. maybe we could share resources.

  4. Hi
    We are with AQA and the students love it and really get to grips with whats expected with only one major project. I would change OCR have lost it.
  5. Hi Kitx
    Just read your post and I am equally dismayed by our results, A s for coursework and dreadful exam grades. I am now looking at moving to AQA.
  6. Hello again, Thank you everyone for your replies. its quite comforting to know its not just me, Im actually not teaching GCSE Graphics this year- tiimetables all reshuffled, but i will bear all that in mind.

    Thank you

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