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NEW OCR Nationals Spec

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by jweb2k, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Agree with jazz on the wording and explanation of this. Our AO5 invoices are 1 page
  2. We get over this by making sure they fit to one page and use landscape when displaying formulas -- or at least that was the plan!!!
  3. My advice is to put the page number on there anyhow, the OCR moderators will probably be looking for that.
  4. Good grief Charlie Brown. It's not difficult.
    Page No of Total pages.
    Page 1 of 1
    or e.g. Page 2 of 3
    Is it time to tighten up the regs on who can enter the profession?

  5. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Page 1 of 1 might not be difficult - but is it <u>appropriate</u>?

    PS it is what we're currently doing but I thought I'd raise the question and see what people think.
    ...or is it time to tighten up on who writes specifications? or at least how they write them [​IMG]
  6. I'd wager Page 1 of 1 or leaving it off is absolutely fine - obviously Page 1 of X does help you work out if pupils have printed then chucked excess paper they didn't want in the bin before giving it to you (!!)
    The specs are purposely wooly IMHO, though some moderators could do with being briefed on what they mean!
  7. I'd certainly go with just printing on the appropriate number of pages rather than pointless labelling. I hate seeing "Page 1 of 1" when it's bloody obvious that there won't be other pages and really can't agree that the spec is asking for that.
  8. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    What I was getting at over the weekend and possibly didn't make such a good job of it is what are we doing with this particular AO?
    Are educating students or are we training them? Are we assessing capability (ie can you put page numbers on a spreadsheet)? or are we assessing understanding (ie do you know WHEN it is appropriate to put page numbers on a spreadsheet)?
    Whilst on the subject of page numbering - WHERE in the AO does it say there HAVE to be page numbers? The specification says:
    Notice it says NUMBER OF PAGES not NUMBERING or PAGE NUMBERS. Now this has been widely interpreted and promoted (by me as well) as meaning put on something like "Page 1 of 1" to at least show they have considered the number of pages.
    How do you deal with a students who has organised the spreadsheet so it all fits on a single page and who refuses to put "stupid page numbers on when it's obvious there's only 1 page"?
    Does that student demonstrate the appropriate number of pages?
  9. Of course if it's too small when on just one page then putting page numbers on might not be a bad idea...
  10. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    This is all really silly.
    The only requirement is that the work is printed on an appropriate number of pages. There's no mention of page numbers anywhere!
    It's simple - a spreadsheet that fits to one page, or even two or three if it's large enough and needs to be spit over that many pages, can be awarded a Distinction. A spreadsheet that has one line cut off on a second page does NOT use an appropriate number of pages and so can not be awarded a high mark.
    Why do we insist on making up criteria that aren't there?

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