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New Music Technology Project Pack

Discussion in 'Science' started by ScienceWeekUK, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. A new Music Technology Project Pack is now available from National Science & Engineering Week and the British Science Association's CREST Awards.

    Put together to accompany the Association's Musical Moods national TV Theme Tune experiment, Musical Moods, this pack contains 8 project ideas for Secondary Schools with a music technology theme. These activities can be done as part of the CREST Bronze and CREST Silver level Awards

    Each activity contains student and teacher prompts and allowing students to plan and carryout their own scientific investigations on different themes of music and music technology. It's theme ensures it can be used as part of a cross-curricular project.

    The Pack can be downloaded from the Musical Moods experiment website, http://www.musicalmoods.org

    Musical Moods is a National Science & Engineering Week TV theme tune experiment from the British Science Association, BBC Research & Development and University of Salford. It's aim is to find out mood of TV theme tunes, past and present, and forms part of BBC R&D's Multimedia Classification Project.
  2. Just had a look at this and determined that I watch too much TV! ;)

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