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New mentor for student

Discussion in 'Primary' started by catylou, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. catylou

    catylou New commenter

    Hi. I have a school's direct student starting in my year 2 class next year. I'd be grateful for any advice on how best to support her. Initial meeting, handy tips etc...
  2. Piscean1

    Piscean1 Senior commenter

    As a student, the initial meeting is always awkward and you're not really sure which way is up, etc. Do a tour of the school (especially the key bits!) and introduce her to other staff. Make sure the children know her as a teacher from the start. Give her an opportunity to ask questions.

    Organising things like photocopying logins, computer logins, fobs to get around the building in advance will make her feel welcome. On one placement, nobody thought to give me a fob on my first day (which you needed to get out of the building). My tutor left just ahead of me and I was trapped. Let her know when staff meetings are, the timings of the day, the behaviour policy, etc. but don't be surprised if she doesn't remember it all. It's very overwhelming!

    She will need various bits of paperwork for her file. Having these ready will be helpful. Make sure she's got long-term planning, medium-term planning (if available), most recent class data, class list (with any key info such as pupil premium, SEND, EAL, etc.) and any school policies she needs.

    Discuss how her first week will go - is there a weekly review meeting where you discuss the following week's timetable? How many times will you be observing her? What will these observations be like? How many lessons is she expected to teach each week? How will you check off her progress against the standards?

    In my weekly review meetings, my mentor and I discuss which standards I've met and at what level. I tell her what I think, she tells me what she thinks and it's an open dialogue.

    She may also have tasks to complete, e.g. intervention groups, observing other colleagues, etc. Find out about these tasks either in advance of (or at) the first meeting so that they can be planned in early.
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