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New Maths HoD role - no SoL or QA in place!!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by borofan, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. borofan

    borofan New commenter

    Hi everyone

    I've recently taken up a senior role in a new school and part of my remit is to raise standards within a failing maths department. After my initial visit last week I now know where to start and there's lots to be done.

    There's no real collegiality, no QA processes and no real KS4 SoL. It feels like a group of individual teachers rather than a solid department. There's a lot to do in readiness for September and not enough time to get it all done in the manner I'd like. What I urgently need is a pretty decent SoL framework that I can use and adapt quickly. The school has a three year GCSE course and the students sit the AQA exam (completely different to my current school). Does anyone have or know of a top notch SoL that I could look at.
    Many, many thanks in advance
  2. rikkitar52

    rikkitar52 New commenter

  3. rikkitar52

    rikkitar52 New commenter

    Best of luck with your efforts.
    May i suggest go to resources and search KS4 sol and bingo .
  4. MLMaths

    MLMaths New commenter

    AQA's website has a three year SoL that is pretty adaptable. I'd use that as a starting point.
  5. ningningza

    ningningza New commenter

  6. catbanj

    catbanj Occasional commenter

    Plus AQA have a heap of resources on the Maths support site - you need to register separately for that
  7. Bob Bridges

    Bob Bridges New commenter


    Firstly - Good Luck ! Make sure you have a holiday this summer.
    Second - hope the above link helps - a wealth of stuff already to go.

    Third - some random thoughts;

    If it's that bad, the only way is up.
    Kids and staff need to be onside - share resources with your department on a regular basis.
    Little things to take a little of the burden of your staff.
    Investigations are hard work but in the end a good thing.
    Easy to use tracking system on excel.
    If you are testing regularly make them accessible - students need to feel they are doing well - confidence and all that.
    Think very carefully about tier of entry for GCSE.
    Visit other schools and nick good stuff - have a brass neck.

  8. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    having joined a dept at a very low ebb a few years ago. The most important idea is to make a long term plan and take time to put it in place. If you try or are forced to so it all in one year you will collapse and so will the dept.
    Talk to the teachers and work with them and their strengths. If you value and build a core team who trust and support each other you are most of the way there already.
    I would strongly advise a focus on year 7 as well as the GCSE end. If you get them trained from the start the job will get easier year on year. I've worked in one awful school and department where they leave KS3 to do its own thing then have to panic every single year when the GCSE starts.
    Back to Year 7. They will arrive used to working very, very hard in Year 6, it is easier to build on that rather than let them disintegrate and have to haul them back in years 9 and 10.
    Incidentally, do make sure the Year 7 curriculum values what they have already done. Far too many secondary teachers treat them (especially the high flyers) as babies and are then surprised when they behave like that.
  9. weggster

    weggster New commenter

    If it is that bad then get in touch with Mark McCourt at https://completemaths.com/

    He is also Tandy on the TES. This will immediately sort out the SoW (I'm guessing SoL is a Scheme of Learning? I' a bit long in the tooth for new acronyms/jargon)

    As a double points subject the school needs to invest financially, Complete Maths aren't cheap but they are excellent and very good value for money.

    I'm also guessing for QA that the school has their own procedures in place.

    As well as Complete Maths I'd have a word with your local Hub or Teaching School to see what they have in place that might complement the Complete Maths package.

    As something free you can implement a 5 year Learning Lighthouse initiative too.


    more free resources here


    I'd also subscribe to Hegarty Maths and Just Maths and get the school to INVEST in terms of time, praise and finances.
  10. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    I' a bit long in the tooth for new acronyms/jargon)
    too bleedin right
    a sign of too many managers in too many schools.

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