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New keyboards

Discussion in 'Music' started by princess_moose, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Which keyboards are good for classroom use but can also be used with iMacs?
    New to order new ones asap but have no idea, there are so many!
  2. star9

    star9 New commenter

    I've just come online to ask the same thing. I want cheap, reliable keyboards without too many fancy gadgets.
  3. Casio 3000,4000 or 5000 keyboards have USB (MIDI) in and out so can be connected straight to any computer. You can then use their on-board sounds by sending your midi data back out or you can use the internal iMac sounds (In which case you could have just brought controller keyboards for half the price).
    I don't use controller keyboards for one reason. I might want to have just a keyboard lesson without using the computers, in which case these keyboards stand alone and make their own noises.
    I brought some CTK3000's for less than £90 each!!! Beware, some Yamaha keyboards have midi in and out rather than USB, in which case you will need to buy USB/Midi interfaces.
    If you have iMacs I don't recommend anything more expensive as you should be using the onbaord sounds for composition work etc.
  4. cmf


    Rockmeamadeus. is it possible for you to email me for a conversation? I have sent you messages buthad no reply. I have a variety of questions which I think you could easily answer. Thanks.
  5. I have checked my mail now. I never rem ember and it does not show up so obviously on this tablet, apologies.
  6. a little tip, make sure the keyboards are touch sensitive - it may sound obvious but so many cheaper ones aren't and it isn't always made clear on the spec list. makes a hell of a difference to the kids' ability to use expression

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