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New Key Stage 1 leader

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by alm, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. alm


    I am new to the role of Key Stage 1 leader and would welcome any advice. I want to keep a key stage leader file but was wondering what to put in it. What kinds of things do you do in your management time each week?
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    You need to relate all your work to your job description.
  3. GLsghost

    GLsghost Star commenter

  4. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    Not everyone gets management time so that suggests that your role is taken seriously- which is a good start.

    It all depends what the department needs. I don't know how big your school is, you will have more to do if it's several form entry for eg. First of all, look at data. What are the phonics results like? What about end of KS1? Are there some areas that need developing? It would be a good idea to have regular Key Stage meetings and ask staff for things they want to discuss to be put on the agenda.

    Most of all you need to be friendly, available, professional and able to delegate and prioritise. It's good if you have a vision and you share this with the Head. Win everyone's trust and respect first of all and find out what the issues are. If you make some positive changes that help both children and staff, people will appreciate you. But before you make any changes, listen to staff. Value their opinions and find out what's working and what's not. Does this tally with the data? It's so important to keep people on board and not just implement things meaninglessly.

    If you are passionate and hard working, you will hopefully inspire your team. Read up about current issues. For example, this year I want to write a transition policy for transition from Reception to Y1, because it is a tricky move. You may want to make an action plan, once you have found out the areas that need development. Always talk to the Head about your ideas and ensure that they support you.
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  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Congratulations on the new job!

    As well as the advice above (and do look above all at your job description), you might like to consider buying one of these and reading it at the weekend.

    None of them are exactly what you are looking for, or up to date, but the general principles will b sound and might be useful to have.







    http://www.amazon.com/Curriculum-Leadership-Coordination-Primary-School/dp/0951419609 This one is VERY old, . . . .


    Best wishes


    Meet Theo on line on the TES JobSeekers Forum, where she answers jobseeking and careers queries regularly each week
  6. alm


    Thanks. This is really useful.
  7. alm


    Thanks for the reading suggestions. I will look into them. Unfortunately, I do not have a job description for this role as yet so all the ideas given have gave me a good starting point.
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    No job description? Then I suggest making an appointment to sit down with the head soonest, with one agenda item: your job description.

    No-one should be expected to take up a role with no JD.

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