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New job worries

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by mooseman444, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. mooseman444

    mooseman444 New commenter

    Hello everyone.

    I applied for and was offered a new job in an independent school last February before this virus thing started. I accepted the offer after receving the offer letter but have yet to receive a contract or further details etc.

    What worries me is this: I need to find somewhere to live nearby and was hoping to get on the property ladder by buying a small house rather than renting but I don't know if this job is really going ahead or not. I'm relatively new to teaching (I'm currently an NQT in a secondary state school) and am not clued up on whether independent schools can rescind job offers because they might have fewer pupils come September for example (the school is relatively small with only a few hundred pupils).

    Is it risky to buy a house now and get a mortgage etc?

    I texted the head a month ago and he assured me I will be needed but I'm still not comfortable.

    Please help!
  2. steely1

    steely1 Occasional commenter

    Is it possible that some of the school's admin / personnel staff have been furloughed, so you may not have received the full contract yet?

    I do appreciate how unsettling it must be, not to have received it yet. I also appreciate the context of this being a small independent school - but you have the offer letter and the Head's word (which, I think, technically speaking, is a verbal contract), so I'd be shocked / surprised if the offer was rescinded.

    When I was in a similar situation to you a number of years ago, the mortgage provider accepted the evidence of payslips from the school I had been employed at, along with the offer letter from the school I was moving to as proof of my continuing employment. But those were, of course, different times from the strange times we not find ourselves in.

    Has the school started its employment checks on you, such as the DBS check and health questionnaires? Does the Head know about your house-hunt? It might be worth chasing up again - politely, of course.
  3. ela_giano

    ela_giano New commenter

  4. ela_giano

    ela_giano New commenter

    I would give them a call. It might be because they are not sure if they need or not more teachers. It happened to me when I applied for a job in Dubai this year. They replied back to me after 2 weeks saying that lots of their students left therefore they need less teachers. They now contacted me again asking if I am still interested.

    I am in a dilemma now too; I have been offered a job as an online teacher at a new company which offers online lessons to international/UK students. They are looking to be accredited next year. I would love the job but my fear is that I might be without a job in February if students leave. Taking into consideration the pandemic situation I might be without a job until September next year. I don't know what to do
  5. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I wouldn't get a mortgage just yet...
    You need to contact them and speak to them. Don't so anything big till you have a contract in writing. I presume you have resigned from your current post, so I really hope they honour the offer. When you contact them, it might be worth asking whether they have any temporary accommodation you could access when you start the job - some private schools may have onsite or offsite accommodation for this purpose, Good luck!
    steely1 likes this.
  6. mooseman444

    mooseman444 New commenter

    Hello there,

    Thanks for replying. They did all DBS check and questionnaire stuff in February, at the same time as the offer letter.

    I'll let the head know about my situation too.
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  7. thejudgesscoresarein

    thejudgesscoresarein Occasional commenter

    The contract of employment usually comes after you’ve actually started, so I wouldn’t worry as such if you haven’t received one yet. If I was in your situation and looking to buy a property, I would ask for an offer letter outlining the role and salary.

    When it comes to mortgage lenders, I would be very careful as they might not approve especially as you haven’t started yet. If you are in employment right now, it will be beneficial, then if you are not.
  8. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Sheeesh! You're brave! I was in my 22nd year of teaching befor eI texted a headteacher and still felt weird doing so. (And it was only to let them know the PTA meeting had finished and they could set the alarm...they lived on site.)

    But otherwise, I'd send them an email and ask about what's what as you want to get organised with buying a house. Perhaps ask about attending a couple of zoom staff meetings or similar to touch base, and for contact details of your HOD to not just sound selfish.

    Good luck...independent is fab! (Most of the time!)
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