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New Job - Pay and Hours

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by SecondEd1, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I recently got offered a new LSA job, in the interview they told me that the pay had been downgraded to grade 4 (£15,444) form grade 5 (£16,830) due to budget cuts. When they offered me the job the head teacher offered me a full time position, however today I have received deatils from the school and the hours are 29 hours a week (part-time), meaning I am not only getting paid less because it pays term time only but I am also being payed part-time hours instead of the full time I was offered.

    Is this a misunderstanding on my part are is it the school and LEA misleading me (can't think of another way to put it) and take advantage of my lack of experience in the job market?

    Should I ring the school and ask about this because I was expecting to work and get paid full-time hours (or atleast close)?

    I know this sounds ungrateful and greedy, but I am relocating for the job and it seems a lot different to the one that I applied for and to an extent was offered (full-time).

  2. R13

    R13 New commenter

    I'm afraid what may well appear unfair is perfectly normal practice in many cases - unfortunately if the Head has used full time s/he was incorrect. typically a full time post in a local government position is 37 hours a week for 52 weeks a year and you look like you've secured a typical assistant post which will probably be for 200 days a year + earned holiday pay - which will equate to something like a 44 week contract so you will get paid pro rata (Divide the annual pay by 52 and then multiply by the number of weeks on your contract.
    THEN as you are working 29 hours a week you need to divide that total by 37 and multiply by 29 to get the likely wage.
    At my school assistants refer to themselevs as being full time when they mean working all 5 days, but this is technically incorrect. Unfortunately Head teachers sometimes make the same mistake.
    These details should however have all been available before the interview so things should have been clear . . .weren't they in the advert or recruitment pack? Do let the school know that you feel you have been offered something very different to your expectations from what was said
  3. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    I presume the head said full time, meaning the hours that the children are in-but this isn't 37.5 hours. If you work 9-12 then 12.30-3.15, that's probably about righ.
  4. Hiya
    In my school full time is 25 hours and I am lucky working in Foundation as I work 27 and a half hours...the only role that I know of in a school that works more than 25.
    Plus we don't get holiday pay...at all!!

    Hope that helps [​IMG]
  5. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    Would agree with other posts that it appears they were talking in terms of 'full time' as working every day during pupil contact time. so in my primary school that equates to 27.5 hrs which reflects the 29 hrs offered to to.

    A full time role in my school which I and others are employed in works out as 32.5 hours per week (52 weeks). I know there are very few Ta's left with this sort of contract as a lot seem to be pro rata but we are a voluntary aided school where governors decide our working conditions rather than the LA , so there are full time jobs out there. if this is not suitable for you you might need to consider whether it is worth taking the job especially as it involves you relocating.

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