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New Job info about timetable

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by xmj85x, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I have recent been appointed as a Fulltime lecturer of level 3 Childcare and am therefore taking the jump from hourly paid lecturer to full time (moving colleges also). I was wondering if anyone could make me aware of changes that I should expect. I am aware of a lot but just wanted clarification. I know I will have 25 hrs contact time minimum but how many approx units would this be? Or would it depend on student groups etc ?any info would be much appreciated! Also I have not renewed membership with IFL as couldnt justify £68 for 8 hours a week but I think I would need to renew in order to complete QTLS ?
  2. 25 hours MAXIMUM contact time!!
    And it would be entirely dependent on how the groups come together after the students register for the year.
    As for IfL that depends on a) your contract, b) your union, c) your own personal preference
    If any one of them states you must be a member then you should join. If none of them say you must, hold fire until things get clarified.
    I have had to sign up again as my employer was quite clear about its expectations. Others have not had such a clear message.
    You will indeed need to be a member to gain the QTLS as it is purely an IfL scheme!
  3. Ok then cool that's a real help. I have let my membership lapse however am happy to rejoin now I have Fulltime employment and as you say I have to anyway. I'm wondering if they would let me rejoin because I let it lapse and ignored alerts to rejoin?

    The issue I really need advice with is that I had Bren given a timetable with slots for groups and levels at certain times however have not been given units. I nerd to know these in order to plan. First week of teaching is 19th sept. Enrolments are taking place tomorrow and we'd and would like to know these as soon as possible, although do not want to be pushy with coordinator and therefore be unpopular as I'm a newby. I have been on their VLE and there are some schemes of work although they are vague. I have the specs, I've been told that the assessment has to be the same but I can deliver however I like. I've been trying to construct sow but without assessment and units I can't. Should I wait until I'm given them so as not to appear pushy or politely ask, or try and plan? Which seems impossible as I may have to change it if I find out that my planning does not meet their assessment/ assignment. Any other advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Breathe - in as well as out, preferably alternately.
    That's the best advice I can give you!
    Don't worry about IfL just use your number to rejoin - you may have to phone them but I think it will be easy to do online!

    As for SoWs etc, just relax. You'll get a couple of days to plan your first couple of real lessons, the first will be housekeeping and hello's anyway!
    Your coordinator won't rerally be able to give you much detail until the enrollments are over, s/he simply won't know. You'll get leeway/wriggle room with any of the SOW paperwork and if the existing ones are vague then yours can be too! Be grateful we are having to do LPs as well!!!! Don't ask, I may scream!
    And as you are BTECing(?) Edexcel has a lot of stuff your college may already have bought, BTEC in a Box etc.
    In short, just wait! Do some reading round the possible units, get used to any of the paperwork you can find and simply wait to be told/given your specific units.

    Have fun!

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