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New job in Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by eross1981, May 5, 2011.

  1. eross1981

    eross1981 New commenter

    I have just accepted a primary job in Dubai for September. Just looking for advice on what I should take with me. Should I ship over my resources or just take it all on pen drives? Is there anything you wish you had taken with you when you moved?

  2. eross1981

    eross1981 New commenter

    I have just accepted a primary job in Dubai for September. Just looking for advice on what I should take with me. Should I ship over my resources or just take it all on pen drives? Is there anything you wish you had taken with you when you moved?

  3. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    I took both pen drive & books
  4. I'm in the same position! Hadn't even thought of that... so many other things to think of!

  5. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Congratulations on the new job, eross1981! This advice is based on my experiences of teaching in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Romania, the UAE (Ras Al Khaimah, not Dubai) and Qatar, so you must decided how much is relevant for you and for your new job in Dubai.
    First, get some tapes or CDs and try to learn some Arabic. Even if you can just say a few pleasantries, it will go a long way. If you could find an Arab who would be prepared to teach you for a few months, then that would be even better. Yes, you will meet heaps of expats in Dubai, but some Arabic may well come in handy.
    Sixthly, find yourself a good accountant and talk over the business of becoming "non-resident for tax purposes". Would this be a good idea in your case? Not if you are only going to stay overseas for a few months, but it probably is worthwhile if it looks as though you will be out of the UK for several years. You will find this rather difficult to sort out once you are in Dubai, so it might be a good idea to do as much as you can before you leave. Seventhly, get in contact with an airline (Emirates are the obvious choice) and a freight company. Find out how much it would cost to send stuff by air freight and how much it will cost to take it on the plane with you as excess baggage. Of course your new school should give you some kind of freight or shipping allowance, but the chances are that this will not cover the full cost. Remember that if you go ahead and send some of your things as air freight, then that will mean a little trip to the freight terminal to collect it. In my experience, this may take rather longer than you had expected! The school may lend you a driver and a minibus, so that you can go and collect your stuff from the airport. On the other hand, they might not! Another important point to bear in mind is that if you do decide to bring everything (including the kitchen sink) with you to Dubai, then you will have the trouble and the expense of taking it all back to the UK when you decide to leave (which might be sooner than you think!)
  6. Congrats on the job. How is it going?

    I am currently living and working in Dubai. I also lived in Dubai for 15+ years before going to the UK to do my PGCE. I know that you have already started but some advice for those who may be thinking about Dubai in the future.

    - If you are travelling all the way to Dubai do not bother bringing all your stuff from the UK, you can buy everything here. Often it is not worth the shipping costs.Get on websites like expatwoman and dubizzle to grab some bargains. Or go for a cheap and cheerful IKEA shop :)

    - If you get sick you can buy lots in the pharmacy's here (I know, I know you should see a doc). In my experience the UK docs don't often solve minor issues, even if they have been an issue for over a year! After 10 days in Dubai, one trip to the pharmacy and £6 I am better - thanks to some anti biotic cream that the UK docs would never give me!

    - As others mentioned bring all resources on a USB pen or external hard drive (1TB is a good size).

    - If your passport runs out you can it sorted at the British Embassy.

    - Get a UAE sim card and download Skype. Lots of people use Blackberries and bbm.

    - If the school is not going to give you a laptop, buy a laptop (remember you get teachers discount with apple) and claim the VAT back at the airport (don't forget to get a VAT receipt).

    Hope this helps
  7. Hi there
    I have been trawling through the forums on here as I am thinking of going out to teach in Dubai next year. Just trying to gather as much info as possible as I will be moving over on my own! Any more hints or tips would be gratefully received! J
  8. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    A few hints or tips? Well, I think that I have already written more than "a few", jilly81. How many pages do you want?
    You could also read the rather negative article "Too Hot to Handle?" that appeared in the TES a year or two ago. Of course, if you really want to find out the very worst about Dubai, then have a look at the famous (or infamous) piece in The Independent, "The Dark Side of Dubai". It's not cosy bedtime reading if you are thinking of going to the World's Fastest City.
  9. Hi jilly81, I lived in Dubai for the past three years and really regret leaving it. I had a wonderful time there and life in Dubai is very easy. As an expat you have everything laid out for you, everyone speaks English, you can find absolutely anything you want and everybody's on the same boat out there so it's very, very easy to meet people. Having said that though, I have seen a few people at work not being as happy with it as I was and leaving after a year. It's not for everyone but it certainly was a great experience for me. I've moved back to Europe now and already looking to return to the East. Nothing against Europe, it's just that it's a whole different world out there, whereas this is all....familiar. Don't ask me why I left in the first place...I forgot [​IMG]
  10. Hi thanks for the reply. I have an interview in a couple of weeks for what seems like a good school in dubai! Hope it is! Just trying to gather as much information as possible before I take the leap! Thanks again.
  11. How did you get on with your interview - I've been made an offer but I am waiting for the package offer before I formally accept. So looks like I'll be in Dubai in September....
    PM if you like...
  12. the hippo I just read "The dark side of Dubai" absolutely chilling is right!
  13. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The Dark Side of Dubai is a bit senationalist and exaggerated. Some of it is spot on and probably applies to just about anywhere in the Gulf. I have read similar things about Kuwait. Now I am in Doha and a lot of the criticisms that have been made about Dubai are equally applicable to Qatar's capital.
    Well, I like Dubai. Yes, it is a crazy, silly, mad place and I don't think that I would like to live there. However, it is fun to see people skiing on real snow in the middle of the desert or gawp at the fish in the huge aquarium in Atlantis.
  14. There is a job in Dubai at the moment but the school website doesn't seem to exist! Having read through the forums and visited Dubai I would be very interested in working there but I am wary of applying to the school without being able to read about them. I understand I can't post the name of the school but wondered if anyone as wise and wordly as yourself hippo might be able to shed any light on the school. It's a college that's English but not DESC!

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