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New IGCSe leading towards IB

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by pixel, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. pixel

    pixel New commenter

    Sorry about the coding on the last email. Can't edit unfortunately.
  2. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Hi Pixel
    I read your stuff with a lot of interest and went running off to the other bods in the maths dept.

    It turns out, according to them, that my present school was one of a small number that approached Cambridge with the idea of setting up an IGCSE that was more focussed on the skills pupils would need during DP years.
    When they looked at what Cambridge produced, it seems my school were less than happy inasmuch as it seemed to be the same as the previous IGCSE syllabus, but with more stuff in an already high content syllabus.
    It was felt it wasn't in the kids' interest to set them this higher pole to jump.
    Maybe the 2011 syllabus has addressed this issue.
    That's as much as I know.
  3. I had a read and it looked interesting - I couldn't quite work out is 'core' supposed to be foundation and extension 'higher'?
  4. pixel

    pixel New commenter

    Thank you Ian60 for the valuable reply.The heavy content was a worry for any not geared up to go onto HL or SL. For Studies, it seems overpowering.
    Seems like a push for A/A* students, but harder to get the A / A*.
    How low would the grade boundaries have to go?

    HOD - core = Foundation, extension = Higher.
  5. When I was reviewing a book written for the Cambridge IGCSE extension course I spent sometime investigating the course compenents. There are several different courses available but I looked at the one to match the book I was reviewing. This had an investigation component that was set as an examination question. We had this type of idea a good few years ago with the GCSE courses, or at least WJEC did. It didn't last long as a GCSE option but clearly this IGCSE course includes it.
    The course contains alot more material than a GCSE and some of it is at a higher level than the GCSE. They also include exam questions that cross topic boundaries, something rarely seen in GCSE. In fact the course and exam was quite similar to my O level course. It would also be excellent preparation for A level. However I understand that the government won't include the results from IGCSE exams in their school statistics. This is presumably why more schools don't use it instead of GCSE?
    I wouldn't necessarily say the IGCSE is intended as preparation for the IB Diploma but since most international schools use the IGCSE exam and the IB Diploma it does follow. I had started a thread to find out whether anyone had compared the two types of exams but very few people have and getting statistics on comparisons is very difficult.
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I am looking for text books to go with the Cambridge IGCSE course ( starting up a new department) Can I ask if you would recommend the text book you reviewed ic3g1rl? And while I am asking - do you know anything about the Cambrigde Checkpoint exams?
    any info would be much appreciated...


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