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New iGCSE - AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hi Jacinta
    From a quick read, flick through and scan of the papers I really like it.
    I shall go over it with in more depth when I get some time but so far.......

  2. headofmaths

    headofmaths New commenter

    A* with distinction!!!

    I wondered how soon the A* would be deflated. Just shows that the qualification isn't really level 2 then but I can see the appeal of this rather than sitting a level 3 version at the same time as GCSE where grades are A-E and only 2/3 pass.
  3. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    Well done to AQA for producing something that challenges the more able but why dont we cut the **** admit that two teir is a disaster and go back to three teir were the higher was perfectly acceptable for the more able and the intermediate was ideal for the majority and the foundation was good for the less able?
    Oh maybe we just have as higher is now effectively the new intermediate.
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

    I'm really tickled by A* with distinction.
  5. Looks interesting.
    Could they not call it an A**?
  6. DM

    DM New commenter

  7. Not seen that for a while......... v good.

    Seriously I wonder if we should start a sweepstake as to when A** will appear in the GCSE.

    I predict
    Summer 2013
    - For 98% +
    and only on Linear if taken for the first time at the end of Y11.

    Any takers?
  8. DM

    DM New commenter

    We'll be up to A* with double distinction by then.
  9. Only if the pupils put in 110% effort.....!
  10. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    I intended to have a brief glance at the specimen papers, but I actually found them interesting and spent more time on them than I had meant to!
    Assuming these papers are representative of the final, actual exams, this does look like a decent qualification. Good job!
    Now you have spoiled it! No-one will take this seriously, unfortunately!

  11. Ditto and I enjoyed it...so much so I put my marking on hold.
    I didnt refer to the A***************************************************, star,star part because it was only a matter of time. Next you will be able to get 6 gold stars at McDonalds, yet we will still be serving burgers to our kids rather than quality steak.
    I think that aside this qualifcation should (from an initial scan) should be welcomed, if not championed. Lets see now who is willing to take it on and teach it. My hand goes up from initial inspection.

  12. Firstly, it is good to hear the positive comments from Nazard, Betamale and others about this new qualification.
    We think it will fill a gap in provision at the top end of the ability range. We designed it so that there was a lot of work that could be considered right at the top end of level 2, more than in the present GCSE, other iGCSEs and the old, three tier Higher. Any student who shows they have mastered the range of high level techniques required will deserve recognition beyond the equivalent of A* at GCSE. Hence the additional Distinction grade.
    It is now up to us to ensure that we only give the A* with Distinction grade where it is fully deserved and that headofmaths’ fears about devaluing A* are not realised. Given the standard we wish to set for this new qualification with over 70% of questions targeted at grade A and beyond, compared to 50% in the old 3 tier higher and 30% in the present 2 tier Higher, that should not be a problem. Regards,
    Jacinta Smith, AQA Senior Subject Manager for Maths
  13. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    I like the new qualification and as I said before well done to AQA for addresing this.

    However it is the need for such an exam in the first place that is wrong and if GCSE exams were simply rolled back a few years to when the three teir was working perfectly well then the need for this new assessment and awarding level would be extremely small.

    As for A* with distinction - please
  14. pwc9000

    pwc9000 New commenter

    will this qualification have a different classification code to gcse maths and therefore be able to count as an extra gcse for things like points scores and so on?
  15. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    I like it, though I do wonder what any kids who take it will find to do with their time in year 12 [​IMG]
    More seriously, I hope schools are able to teach it properly - most attempts at offering "harder maths" in KS4 that I'm aware of have run aground because kids have just been given the books and told to get on with it themselves as despite all assurances to the contrary, the real focus in most schools is to get the C/D borderlines over to Cs so staff just don't have the time to support the more able in extensions like this.
    To do this properly, this can't be a G&T extension that a top set teacher is supposed to cope with; it has to be a proper "year 9" option. Not something many schools seem able to offer.
  16. headofmaths

    headofmaths New commenter

    I am genuinely interested. I have two questions as I would consider offering this instead of GCSE to very able candidates who are over-examined as it is.

    1. Would an A/A* grade GCSE candidate be expected to attain an equivalent grade in this qualification providing they were taught the material?
    2. Will this count for 5A*-C or in the EBac if students don't take GCSE Maths?
  17. Nice link DM!
  18. I hope this gets the tick in the box to sit alongside GCSE that the Edexcel's IGCE never got. Nice to see that it's only being offered as a linear course also (which I hope remains). I wonder how it will sit with the GCSE however, if the changes being talked about to raise standards in maths in response to research in other countries at KS3/4 are incorporated in the future.
  19. I think it would be impossible, and inappropriate, for us to categorically state that any student expected to get an A/A* in GCSE would reach the same attainment here, though the grade description for A in this new qualification is closely linked to GCSE and we aim for equivalent performance to get an equivalent grade across all level 2 qualifications in mathematics.
    I appreciate that comments have been made about the 'distinction' element of the qualification, but what is clear is that students who achieve that grade will be demonstrating a breadth and depth of understanding beyond GCSE, which we feel should be rewarded.
    The issue with A/A* students is how they score their marks in the GCSE paper. As referenced in other threads, much of the GCSE Higher content targets C/D material, and it is perfectly possible for a student to secure an A or even A*, by scoring all of the D/C/B marks and then adding in some knowledge of A/A* content. As our iGCSE will have less than 30% B/C marks, there will be fewer marks for students to 'build up' their credit. On the other hand, the most talented students, who can score very well on A/A* content but may slip up on the C/D material, as many do, may find that this examination is a fairer assessment of their abilities.
    Our expectation is that this fully accredited qualification will count as a mathematics qualification for EBacc and performance table purposes, but will carry a different classification code so that it can also count as an 'extra' level 2 qualification. Our current pilot qualifications in Additional Maths and the Linked Pair work in this way and therefore precedents do exist. We expect to hear from DfE shortly regarding this.
    Jacinta Smith, AQA Senior Subject Manager for Maths
  20. Betamale
    We have had interest and are in discussions with a number of publishers about this so we are very hopeful that at least one text book will be available, although unfortunately not by September.

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