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New HoD advice needed please!

Discussion in 'Music' started by catrinhaf, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Apologies in advance, this thread is slightly similar to one other recent one on here at the moment but I have specific questions and didn't want to hijack the other one.

    I am going in to a school as a first time HoD tomorrow and am just a tiny bit short of petrified. I went in for three days before the holidays to get a lay of the land and have done lots of planning in preparation over the holidays.

    My biggish concern is this; I asked for the departments DSEF and a DIPs just so I could see where they were at last year and they said they didn't have any... I was given a copy of a subject report but there isn't a great deal on there and it is a document that is only 1 side of A4 long.

    Is it standard for departments to have these documents (i.e. do all schools do self-evaluations and improvement plans) or should I be worried and look to implement these ASAP?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Some schools don't have them. My current school doesn't have them - we have a "monitoring forms" which are filled in every half term - this has same information that DIPs and DEFs (as my previous school had them.) You may well find they are of limited use. I found with my current HoD position, that nothing the previous HoD had said was true. I wouldn't worry about implementing past HoD plans therefore - just observe and change things gradually as you get to know the school. Each school does things differently and I wouldn't worry about trying to do a whole lot of paperwork when you are trying to get the day to day stuff sorted first. I was buddied up with another HoD from another department when I started which was really useful as they pointed me to what was important etc. and what could left.
  3. Hi,
    Within our faculty (which is Art, Music, Drama & PE(!!)), we only have to contribute to the writing of a faculty 3 year plan and the completion of this document is the responsibility of your faculty head, or so it is at my current school.
    Sounds like you have nothing to worry about and the existing SLT may ask you for these documents when you have settled into the job, know the kids, understand the limitations of resources and any other areas that may impact your subject.. knowledge is power and they can't expect you to know anything about the school when tomorrow is your first day!
    You are very prepared by the sounds of things.. Good luck, get the power suit on and impress!!

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