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New HoD 2011-2012

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by chris_martin, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hello JJ30,
    My name is Domingo, i don't mind really if you fowarded the same info about HODs, i am also in languages. It will be much appreciated. Sounds good and comforting to see that we are never alone.
  2. Could I ask for it too? Many thanks!

  3. acesarato

    acesarato New commenter

    Dear jj30 I am also a new HoD in a new establishment and would be forever grateful if this useful doc could make its way into my inbox. ;-)


    Good luck to all on the new appointment and thank you!
  4. chris1980

    chris1980 New commenter

    1) Lead by example
    2) Have a clear vision
    3) Make sure staff our all accountable
    4) Be fair
    5) Praise and support when needed
    6) Monitor data
    7) Dont make any big changes at first
    8) Discuss issues as a group to get staff feeling part of a team
    9) Distribute leadership in the dept
    10) Be very organised and write everything down in diary (i mean everything)
  5. acesarato

    acesarato New commenter

    These videos for new middle leaders are showing in Teachersmedia website today:

  6. Congratulations Chris. Just wanted to say that I have just done my first two years as Hod and really enjoyed it. Blooming hard work on top of my own prep n marking, but exciting too and never a dull day. I was promoted internally n it has been hard winning some of my Dept over. Everybody hated me for a while : now just three hard core staff hate me. Progress! Enjoy and do look after yourself!!
  7. uberman

    uberman New commenter

    I know i'm a bit out of date here, but is there any chance that I could maybe have a wee copy of your info jj30? It would be very much appreciated. mfreeman13@hotmail.com

  8. Hi jj30. Thats very kind of you to share this info. I am new HOD. Could you email me a copy please. My email is jghich@gmail.com. Thanks.
  9. Dink_bird

    Dink_bird New commenter

    I was a given a HOD post after 3 years teaching as well - having been a good teacher, I found it much harder to be a good HOD. My advice to you is to keep in contact with other HODs of your subject in other schools (eg your mentor from teacher training) and ask them for advice before making any major decisions or changes.
    Make sure you get enough support from your link manager - as someone else has said, keep them informed as to what's going on, the problems you might have, and your ideas/successes etc. <u>Insist</u> they reply to your emails, (in my experience, SLT don't do this as reliably as you would expect of professionals whose job is to support you!) and make sure you have regular link meetings and your performance management is done properly.
    Best of British!
  10. I too took on HoD early, in my 3rd year. I have now been doing it for 4 years, my sage advice would follow that of previous posts but I would add something small but that will help you every day. At the end of each term make sure you reward the premises team, receptionists, office staff and IT team. This little token of appreciation will pay back throughout the year and mostly you will find that not many others follow this one simple rule of thumb!!! These people represent the inner workings of the school and keeping them happy will ensure plenty of favours when you need them. Also make sure you gift things (I usually go for chocolates or biscuits) a couple of days before the end of term so that they have time to enjoy them!

    Also make sure you know all the important dates on the calendar so that you aren't chasing people for things at the last minute because you weren't informed!!

    Mainly I would say the key thing is backing your department at all times but making sure they are fully accountable for their actions.

    Good luck, I'm sure you will storm it! Just get used to having far less time to plan, mark etc!
  11. stewarty

    stewarty New commenter

    Hi JJ30, I have sent you a PM. Would you be kind enough to send me a copy of that information as well.
    Much appreciated.

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