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New grammar, spelling and punctuation test sample materias

Discussion in 'Primary' started by groovyshell83, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. The new sample materials are out and quite comprehensive. An analysis tool can be found here.
  2. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

  3. Thank you lardy
  4. tange

    tange New commenter

  5. wordclass

    wordclass New commenter

    Some fair points, although I'm not sure I agree with the part on prescribed metalanguage. M
  6. ERU

    ERU New commenter

    I was on a course today, via the LEA advisors, that stated that the SPAG result/level WOULD feed into the 'overall' Literacy level.
    I'm sure I read on here recently that it didn't ....
    Does the SPAG level/result contribute towards the final Literacy level? If so what percentage is it going to be?
  7. I was told explicitly that it won't . . . unless things have changed early this week. We will get a reading level (from test as per usual) , a SEPARATE writing level from our TA (and no combined - so the floor target is for reading AND writing - a bit trickier) and then a mark (albeit a pass/ fail/ a number or a level . . .we're not sure) for the grammar. They says the GAPS (as my LA call it) will feed into writing from next year. MAybe. LOL.
  8. ERU

    ERU New commenter

    Firstly, good news ... I'm not going mad!
    Secondly ... ARGHHHHH!!! I even felt a fool for replying that "I had a suspicion" that this info was incorrect. I was even shown a scan of a document that said it did. Consequently, I got some strange looks when I asked: "How do I know who to enter? With no ref level indicators on the sample materials?" I was told to look at the reading level ...
    Finally, I'm off to buy wine :) Maybe teachers should get discounts off wine via the new budget? They, the government, cause all this stress/mess.
  9. Yes . . .standards site still says it's all separate.
    "Pupils in Year 6 will take the new grammar, punctuation and spelling test in May this year, as recommended by Lord Bew?s independent review of Key Stage 2 testing, assessment and accountability. Pupils will receive separate test results for grammar, punctuation and spelling, reading and maths. Pupils? writing will be subject to teacher assessment judgement.

    At school level, the results of each test and assessment will also be published separately and the Department will not calculate a combined overall English level. This will enable schools, parents and the wider public to make informed judgements about schools? performance based on each subject area.

    The floor standard measure in 2013 will be for at least 60 per cent of pupils to attain Level 4 in reading, writing and mathematics. The new grammar, punctuation and spelling test will not be included in the calculation this year."
  10. hee heee . . . mine's a large rioja????

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