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New grammar, spelling and punctuation test sample materias

Discussion in 'Primary' started by groovyshell83, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. iffatsardharwalla

    iffatsardharwalla New commenter

    I agree. Questions seem too easy and even children in Year 2 should be able to achieve well. Teaching to the test is going to be easy peasy task!! What is the point. Level 6 is not challenging either. My children already know the answers to most as it is part of general good teaching. Disappointed that government has not been able to come up with a worthwhile solutions. By the way how are they planning on using this info?!
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    shhhhhhhhhhhh! [​IMG]
  3. The cynic in me cannot help believing that its so pointless and easy for a political purpose. Easy test + good results = David Cameron 'look at us and how our marvelous sweeping reforms of the education system have raised standards.....followed by lots of the usual yacking on!!
    Or am I too cyncical (PS I doubt it!!)
  4. Wondered if anyone has any contacts for supporting teachers in preparing pupils for this new test. Some of our existing staff will probably need some professional development on actually ensuring they are accurately teaching to the degree of skill required and so I am in need of purchasing some CPD INSET and not sure if anyone has a good contact/suggestion for this.
  5. Does anyone know how marking is being assessed this year - isn't the new test normally part of the Writing mark scheme (spelling + naming of parts)? If we are going with teachers' assessment - will this even count? Or was 2012 a one-off while they adjusted the paper? Help anyone? I work in a middle school and have similar issues re CPD.
  6. Hello,
    I'm new to key stage 2 and I was wondering what are you following to teach grammar? Are you using grammar for writing? I have a very able group who will probably need level 6 input but I'm not sure what consitutes level 6 grammar!
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  7. The sample materials have a summary of the parts of the national curriculum that will be covered for each level, including level 6.
  8. Treeniepooh

    Treeniepooh New commenter

    Does anyone know where we can find a teaching sequence for what should be taught in each year group. As a year 5 teacher I realise what I need to do to get the class ready for next year, but we need to cascade it down to the rest of the school.
  9. ecawemma

    ecawemma New commenter

    This is a good question! As a training provider, I'd be happy to support any Primary school in improving children's writing skills! However, I would be really against anyone teaching to the test - it just wouldn't be effective teaching. I think if OFSTED were to walk into a lesson with worksheets similar to the test questions it would be deemed an unsatisfactory lesson. I have no doubt that a number of providers and publishers are busy preparing packages and books to sell right now! So, be careful when looking for CPD providers - they need to base their support on effective teaching and learning, not draft test materials If you want training on how to effectively teach grammar and create good writers, then please contact me - www.emmarogers.org.uk
  10. ibby_mon

    ibby_mon New commenter

    This is not something so much to follow but might be useful resource-wise
    Usborne Better English - Grammar and Punctuation cards - Just bought these and think they'll be great!
    They are wipe clean cards with short grammar and punctuation tasks but include explanations of points of grammar so useful as starting point. I'll mainly use these cards to give me ideas but the cards could also be used direct with the children as wipe clean, and can be used to target specific teaching points relevant to each child
  11. juliehenry

    juliehenry New commenter

    I can't either!! :-(((
  12. The sample tests can be downloaded form here.
  13. NATE have a good suggestion

    Primary Grammar Book: Finding Patterns Making Sense

    It's on amazon
  14. Please can someone give me the direct link to the new sats test sample pages.
    I just cannot find them!
  15. http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/teachingandlearning/assessment/keystage2/b00208296/ks2-2013/english-tests/grammar-punctuation-spelling-test
    Links on the right of the page.
  16. ecawemma

    ecawemma New commenter

    There are some meetings in N E Lincs to discuss the tests and how best to prepare. Free to attend. 8th and 9th Oct. 4pm - 5pm. Let me know if you'd like to attend.
  17. Have you actually looked at the whole test or just the "short" answer section? For children in our school, this is going to be a real challenge.
  18. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    We looked at the sample pages last term and thought they were so easy they were a joke. Even the Level 6, most of our Year 5s could do easily.
    I suspect Govie has just told them to 'make me a grammar test' and someone has jumped through the hoop.

    Further sample materials will be available in December, we'll know more then.
    Our LEA is running 'refresher' type training for those year 6 teachers who don't know a passive from a passion fruit.
  19. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Have I got this completely wrong, but aren't the sample test materials coming out this December? The things available at the link above on the DfE website are just illustrative examples of question formats aren't they?

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