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New GCSE specs

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by HMM, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. HMM


    Received this from EDEXCEL on Friday - have any of the other awarding bodies released this news?

    "As you may be aware, our GCSE specifications and linked sample assessment materials for French, German and Spanish were submitted to Ofqual in April, 2015. We have recently received feedback from Ofqual and, like the other awarding organisations, we have not been accredited on this occasion. Although not permitted to refer to the feedback provided, I can reassure you that colleagues are now busy refining our new 2016 specification and sample assessment materials for resubmission later this summer when revised versions will also be published on our website.

    Regrettably, as a result of some of the changes, certain previously scheduled launch events for this month have been had to be postponed until later in the summer or next term. Your patience is appreciated at this time and I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused"
  2. linsen

    linsen New commenter

    Yup, I had a similar email from AQA

    "Accreditation update - GCSE French, German and Spanish

    We wanted to let you know about the latest news on the new GCSE French, German and Spanish specifications (for first teaching in September 2016).

    Ofqual has asked all exam boards to revise their propoals, which has led to a delay in accreditation.

    The draft specifications and SAMs will remain on our website on the GCSE languages page.

    We will publish the final versions on our website as soon as we receive accreditation and we will get in touch with you."
  3. matador

    matador New commenter

    No inkling as to why? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  4. kate2521

    kate2521 New commenter

    I've just spoken to AQA and they said they couldn't give me any info as it was confidential, but that details would be given in the Launch courses, online and face to face. They are having to make some changes, as all the exam boards are, apparently, but the lady I spoke to couldn't give me any idea of what they were.

    I've just booked myself onto the online Launch course for tomorrow 16.00-18.00 hrs so hope to find out more then.
  5. karaka

    karaka New commenter

    How was your online launch course for the AQA spec?
  6. kate2521

    kate2521 New commenter

    It was very good and very easy to do. It was someone from AQA talking, while showing materials online. You could type in questions, which were either answered in writing then and there, or the person talking answered them verbally. It was quite positive.

    I'm still concerned about the fact that we can only enter them for 1 tier, and that there'll be target language questions on the papers, but they showed us several examples and they're fairly obvious. It makes you wonder why they're there, though.

    They were going to amend some of the middle difficulty writing questions, that's why they sent those emails out. I'm going to look at the specimen materials again and do another one, once I'm more familiar with the material.

    They reassured me that the same numbers of pupils would still get A* etc, although the grades will be numbers and there will be more of them so that's going to be hard to measure. Grades will go from 1-9, and they said a 5 is in the upper section of a C/lower B, I think, while a 4 will be a low C equivalent.

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