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New GCSE specification 2016 how will it affect future planning of SoW for KS3?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by amandrin, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. I have been asked to create a new SoW for KS3 but I'm struggling to see what new changes need to take place, especially when these SoW were only updated just before the summer holidays. Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. cinderellyfaerie

    cinderellyfaerie New commenter

    Hi, it depends which exam board you're doing. For OCR as far as an tell the skills remain the same - knowledge, understanding, support with evidence, evaluate etc...
  3. thenightwol1976

    thenightwol1976 New commenter

    I am attempting to do this for EDEXCEL Christianity - Belief in God. Currently planning and teaching as I go, up to lesson 8 in the planning phase. I am happy to share what I have but I'm finding it really hard going at the moment so little information has been released, everything is in draft form and the content is different. If anyone else is doing this and willing to share how you are doing this let me know. I am taking the line that I will plan what I 'think' they want based on the draft spec and 3 yr planners released and then use time in year 11 to fill any gaps when we do revision because by that point STUFF should be available and helpful!
  4. dcrane

    dcrane New commenter

    Are the changes in line with the Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE? If not then there is no point in changing it as the LAS is the statutory framework that you need to work within.
  5. lesley66

    lesley66 New commenter

    I have worked out which religions for the GCSE, and teach those based on the DfE content in Y9 - we are doing Judaism and Sikhism having examined and compared the seven on offer. Given that this is for an accredited exam, the LAS can be set aside. The DfE have been strict on content, and the religion content is very prescribed, so tackling that - at least in terms of knowledge and understanding, diversity and influence, goes a long way to getting it right for any exam board (the differences will mainly be in assessment on the religions, whereas the themes are more open to the boards to be creative).

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