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New GCSE Science 2011

Discussion in 'Science' started by sami1405, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks
    Currently teaching old Edexcel GCSE Core and Additional and BTEC to lower classes
    With GCSE changes for 2011 and BTEC speculations - what are other schools doing?
    I have had a look at AQA/OCR/Eedxel and think I will stick to edexcel for GCSE Sciences - but what about the loewr groups - does anyone recommend any Applied GCSE courses? I am getting quite stressed with it all!
    Any advice will be welcomed
  2. Enough is enough. Going to IGCSE.
    Can state schools do that now? Did I imagine that it would be allowed in league tables or not?
  3. Are igcses accredited? If so I might approach my faculty with it.
  4. Only things that count for the English Bacc measure are GCSE Core Science AND GCSE Additional Science, OR 2 of GCSE Bio/Chem/Phys OR IGCSE Double Science OR 2 of IGCSE Bio/Chem/Phys.
    BTEC and GCSE Additional Applied DO NOT count.
    Not sure about the 2 A*-C in Science measure. IGCSEs definitely count but not sure about BTEC or Add Applied. Wouldn't be surpised if they don't to be consistent with EBAcc.
    AQA working on 'IGCSE Style' GCSEs in sciences for home market (unlike existing IGCSEs), with emphasis on concepts not contexts, HSW illustrates conceptual development rather than leading it.
  5. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    As professionals, why do we care so much about Ebacc ?
    If BTEC or GCSE Additional Applied is the option that will allow a student to actually enjoy what they are doing and progress why should we change?
    What is a school for? League tables that everyone knows are flawed or ensuring students are engaged, motivated and able to progress in their chosen vocation/profession.
    By forcing students to do qualifications that they will blatantly fail in is a travesty !
    Schools who 'force' students to do unsuitable exams not related to their needs, are morally bankrupt!
  6. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I agree with you Ferris.
    if our schools don't do well in the EBacc, then our working lifes will be made a misery by OFSTED or the threat of OFSTED, SMT (who look set to become my new employers).
    I'm not sure it will make much difference at St Custards, most of our BTEC students would be unlikely to succeed at GCSE, and those that might get a C probably won't get one of the opther bit.
    I forecast a two tier system, with only the low achievers being allowed to choose their learning programmes in any meaningful way.
  7. To answer sideshow, CIE have accredited IGCSEs, Edexcel's are nearly accredited and AQA have just started developing (but look like they're going for something significantly harder than GCSE).
    Exam boards aren't allowed to call it IGCSE for state schools in the UK - yet another piece of officaldom from the regulators...
    CIE use the term "Level 1 / Level 2 International Certificate" and Edexcel use the shorter "Edexcel Certificate". No idea what form AQA will use.


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