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New GCSE Schemes of Work

Discussion in 'English' started by BelfastAndy, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. BelfastAndy

    BelfastAndy New commenter

    Hope you're all having an enjoyable summer.

    I have a friend who works for an educational resource company/re-seller and they are trying to add content to their website. They have asked me to source schemes of work for the new GCSEs. They are particularly interested in schemes of work for texts which are out of copyright.

    They are looking for schemes of work on

    'A Christmas Carol'


    'Jekyll and Hyde'

    'Romeo and Juliet'


    'Great Expectations'

    'Much Ado About Nothing'

    'The Tempest'

    'Silas Marner'

    If you have written or are writing a scheme of work for any of the new GCSE texts which are listed above (I have focused on AQA - if you are another exam board and there are different texts, they would also be interested in those, particularly any which are out of copyright), it would be great if you wanted to get involved.

    What the site is trying to do is drive traffic and generate sales of books. If the schemes are high quality and drive traffic, we (myself included) would then be in a position to be paid for the work. What I would then do is negotiate for everybody who has contributed, agree a cut and recompense people accordingly. We would then look to set up an affiliate scheme with the company where a standing group of teachers can write high quality resources and gain a continuing royalty fee for anything they then create which helps drive traffic to the website.

    As the project is in its infancy and the website want to track how the schemes of work are impacting on sales, there would be no payment initially, but I assure you they are committed to paying teachers for their content in the medium to long term once they analyse the impact.

    The schemes of work don't need to be written in a specific format. The work does need to be your intellectual property. If you have collaborated, you would need to ensure the happy co-operation of any co-authors. You would maintain the intellectual property rights.

    Some editing of the schemes of work may occur (potentially, I would act as editor and collate the schemes into a consistent format), but you would still receive whatever fee is ultimately agreed.

    If you are interested, please do message me on andy_gibb@hotmail.com

    If you write a scheme of work, you really have nothing to lose by passing it on. The website are not simply trying to get content for nothing. The owner of the company is the father of my close personal friend and he was once a teacher himself and is committed to this project and more than willing to share the monetary proceeds.

    Many thanks for your time.


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