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New GCSE: Just get through the course, or build in more time for revision and consolidition?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by boatie, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. boatie

    boatie New commenter

    I am just about on track with my scheme of work to have finished the GCSE course with Year 11 by the time they leave. My group work well in class and reasonably well at home, but I feel we constantly need to push on to the next topic to get things covered when I know that the grammar, vocabulary, and speaking practice is not anywhere near as firmly embedded as I would like. This practice and consolidation stage too short for all but the ablest. So, do forumites think we should keep going at jet speed and rely on being able to draw things together in April and May? (I used to do this in the days before controlled assessments but I think the demands of the new course are so much greater). Or should we spend more time practising key vocabulary, grammar and oral practice of topics done so far?
  2. littlesaur1

    littlesaur1 New commenter

    I am aiming to be finished with the course by Feb half term so that the rest of the time can be dedicated to speaking practice as we will do the speaking immediately after the Easter holidays and revision with particular emphasis on writing.
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  3. gregcolin

    gregcolin New commenter

    We are finished but will go back over everything
  4. parkert

    parkert New commenter

    Tough one ands a problem we all share. We have started GCSE in Y8 now and will spend Y8 doing Mod 1 and all the in-depth grammar etc. It's an age old question - content or skills?
  5. JosianeSandy

    JosianeSandy New commenter

    Well done to be on track with all topics!
    I am not through all the topics yet, but to be honest, I think there are some crossovers, like for the Tourism and Travel, it links with past and future tenses, and with town / region and Food / festivals etc.... so I am not really covering this fully.
    I believe the speaking and writing skills rely on knowing what the success criteria are and using very well some Universals.... So I have built in lots of consolidation and practice, lots of vocab learning on key topic vocab.
    Also I follow the SoW with AQA book which doesn't follow the book order but cover bits of each theme and rotates... it seems to work well enough as we recycle lots of vocab quite often...
    Good luck... it'll be tough this year!!
  6. veverett

    veverett Occasional commenter

    Yes, we very much work on the key language that means you can talk and write on any topic
  7. toadman

    toadman Occasional commenter

  8. veverett

    veverett Occasional commenter

    We dropped the SoW and textbook for a while after Christmas in Y10 and just concentrated on being able to improvise and extend on any topic. Then able to travel much faster and catch up where we had planned to be.
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  9. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    You could save time by adopting some alternative teaching strategies to bulk build some key vocabulary and free up time for more teaching.

    For example, having the class take a day off the whole school to work on producing a play in the target language. If the school won't support this, arrange a 'trip' where you go somewhere for the day and work on producing a play. I.e. another school. ;-)
  10. emmamallard2000

    emmamallard2000 New commenter

    Like you, I was more or less finished by Feb half term, but still have one or two things I need to revisit from key stage 3 - places in town, directions, illness, transactional role-plays, etc. Not to mention extra speaking exam practice, photo cards and general conversation revision. I’m going to have to crack on, as this half term is only 5 weeks, from half term to Easter, and the speaking exam is timetabled for when we get back from the Easter hols, at the end of April. Then I was hoping to spend the rest of May doing listening, reading and writing revision.

    Imagine my horror, therefore, when I saw the exam timetable - Spanish have until June to revise the final three papers (all well and good, and as it should be, in my opinion) but French listening, reading and writing are scheduled to take place in mid May!!! Only a couple of weeks after we finish the last of the speaking!

    Our board is Eduqas for both languages, what were they thinking?

    I am feeling a little stressed, to put it mildly, as we have already missed a fair few hours due to mocks in November, snow in December and March, and flu ongoing throughout the winter months. This last shock re the dates, could be the final straw.

    We are a successful department, with a legacy of positive value added results right up to 2017. I worry for my students, who are working so hard and deserve to do well, and I fear the repercussions for us, if results take a dip this Summer....

    Never a dull moment in this profession
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