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New GCSE assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by Tangalle, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Tangalle

    Tangalle New commenter

    OK so I've just marked my Y10 essays on Mr Birling in Act 1. I've used the new mark scheme and given them all a Level out of 6 and a mark out of 30. Moderated a few with my HOD. So far so good. I'm now feeling a bit unsure about how to set the class a target grade (sorry number), a task I have to do I two weeks. How do I link the six levels to the 9 target numbers? Does anyone have any advice about how to go about this?
  2. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    The best I can suggest is to give it an old grade, then convert:
    • A*/A = 9/8/7
    • B/C = 6/5/4
    • D/E/F/G = 3/2/1
    It's probably as close as you're going to get.
  3. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    It's a nightmare. All guesswork.

    We've started with Eduqas Component 1, reading fiction paper and have been quite used to assigning marks /10 and /40 to grades, albeit rather tentatively these days but generally we are looking at 7/10 as a Grade 5 for a question and therefore 28/40 on the whole section would be a Grade 5 or a secure pass.

    In a world where your SLT and governors expect final Grade predictions for current year nines and those grades themselves are plucked out if the sky this is pretty ridiculous. If you didn't laugh you'd cry.

  4. msv

    msv New commenter

    Desperately need help with this too!! We've started with poetry... same thing, gave them a question and have marked using new mark scheme, giving a mark out of 30 and using the levels.

    Now i'm expected to give each student a working at grade from 1-9 based on that!! Seems bizarre... no idea how to do it!!
  5. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    There are no grades any more, just raw scores. There is one mastery descriptor at L9 and you map how much progress they have made rather than what grade they have attained. I would convert the raw grades to 100 and then award them a number out of 100 to track progress and set targets if some data man wants a number.
    Oh, and to the antipodes of heaven the SLT who wants grades.
  6. torpedodelraval

    torpedodelraval New commenter

    We've using Eduqas and have done An Inspector Call first. For 40 mark question, we assigned these grade boundaries: 0 – 3 Grade U; 4 - 10 Grade 1; 11 – 17 Grade 2; 18 - 22 Grade 3; 23 – 26 Grade 4; 27 - 30
    Grade 5; 31 – 33 Grade 6; 34 – 36 Grade 7; 37 – 38 Grade 8; 39 – 40
    Grade 9.
    Anyone done anything similar?
  7. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    We had a moderation meeting as a department and came up with some very similar results as torpedo...

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