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New GCSE and A Level Draft Specs are out!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Scruff76, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    The new draft drama specifications and sample assessment materials are now out. What thoughts do people have on what each exam board is offering?

    They all appear to follow the same structure. Set texts differ and the exam papers posted are quite different from one another. The proportion of actual practical work and performance making up the qualifications is right down though - more emphasis on assessing documentation/evaluation of rehearsal/ performance.

    We've been with Edexcel for some time and it feels like time to shop around...

  2. For GCSE, they appear to all be simelar in terms of assessment weightings - even the allocation for practical work also contains written assessment. I think 50% + of all specifications is written work, when you read the specs there are hidden parts of written work attached to the practical. I think this is very unfair to students, most children opt for Drama because they love acting and want to perform. their grade will not reflect this, it will instead reflect how well they can put pen to paper. gone are the days where 80% of GCSE drama was practical work with a 20% portfolio attached - sad times :-(
  3. Redskai

    Redskai New commenter

    Have look at the AQA sample exam question paper. Apart from the 4 kindergarten multiple choice questions it is MUCH better than the confusing and occasionally ambiguous papers Ive seen over the last 6 years. I 'll probably stick with them unless it changes drastically. Worth a look.
  4. I agree that it is less ambiguous but it also appears that actual practical performance will only be worth around 30% of the final mark. I am not against the study of set texts, but this appears to be much more of a theatre studies examination than a Drama one. I wonder what the reaction would be from, for example, Art teachers if their subject became 70% theory.

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