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New forums 2009

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by TES_Community, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    <u>NASUWT - the largest teachers' union in the UK</u>
    Chris Keates, head of the teaching union NASUWT, will be online from Monday July 13 to Friday July 17, to answer your questions about the Rarely Cover agreement, which starts in September. Chris is ideally placed to answer any questions about how the agreement affects you, your timetable or your leave entitlement, so get your questions in now
    For more background information on Rarely Cover read NASUWT's
    Created July
    Rarely Cover Guidance

    Rarely Cover forum

    We've had a request from our users to set up a forum for unemployed teachers in Scotland. We hope you find the forum both helpful and supportive.
    Scotland - Unemployed teachers

  2. Created April - Plan and discuss your trips in our new forum
    School trips

  3. Created June
    From 8th to 12th June we have two experts ready to answer your questions on any aspect of outdoor learning from visiting museums through to ideas or outdoor lessons.

    From 15th to 19th June, Teacher Support Network is here to respond to your questions and experiences of bullying. If you want to discuss behaviour that is happening in cyberspace, our expert, Robert Latham, lead counsellor and coach with TSN charity, is highly qualified to help.
    From 22nd to 26th June, Mark Battye, Edexcel's History Subject Advisor is here in our new Edexcel History forum. An ideal way to offer you advice and support. To communicate with as many people as possible about Edexcel's History qualifications and we see this a valuable tool for History Teachers. Also to keep you updated on developments regarding Edexcel's History qualifications, support and services.
    Outdoor Learning forum
    Although the experts are no longer with us, the forum remains open for discussions.
    Cyberbullying forum
    Although the expert is no longer with us, the forum remains open for discussions.
    History - Edexcel
    26th June is your last chance to get advice and support from Edexcel.

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