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New form tutors

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by scaredymare, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. How about a forum for form tutors? I'm going to be one in September (vertical!) and would love lots of advice / stories etc! Have emailed Gail to suggest this.
  2. How about a forum for form tutors? I'm going to be one in September (vertical!) and would love lots of advice / stories etc! Have emailed Gail to suggest this.
  3. I'd agree - having been a Sixth Form tutor I'm going to be a form tutor for year 9 and I'd be interested in any advice I can get since it's a completely different ball-game.

  4. here here!
  5. I'm also going to be a new FT (vertical) Help
  6. Me too, I have my first KS3 form group this year. I was planning on teaching them how to mark work and then we canhave a productive 20 minutes of from time each morning. A little production line or star sticking, ticking and comment bank scrawling. Genius, no?
  7. lol I love this idea! you are indeed a genius...
    I have ben given a year 9 group... consistency and schedule seems to be the best advice i have read. But any ideas for this schedul wuold be welcome! Would they hate m if we have one day a week silent reading!? lol
  8. I have a KS4 form, going from Y10 -> Y11, and my routine is one day on each:
    <ol>[*]Checking Planners and the like[*]Quiet Reading / Quiet Work (whilst i go round and chat to them and make sure they are getting on alright)[*]Current Affairs- sometimes this is something i heard in the car on the way in, or every now and then we watch BBC Odd News through the iPlayer, or a termly treat of Mock the Week[*]Year group assembly</ol>and then the fifth day was last year about work experience, and this year i'm thinking post 16 choices. It works quite well, and gives me a good chance to get round and chat to the group about random things.

    Quite a few members of my form are on the football team, so when i get chance i go and spend some time watching their matches before i leave when they are playing at home - this has been reall good in getting to form a relationship with the group.

  9. I agree

    I love this part of the job, my form are lovely and make me smile lots.

    My school has reduced form tutor contact time which I think is a shame, since our school is all about relationships with the kids making a huge difference. Ah well.
  10. I wouldn't care if they hated me, reading should be encouraged... so I'd make em do it anyways. Depends on the school, when I taught in a deprived area with 85% ethnic minority kids I had a book box, but gave a merit to any one who brought in their own book. My new school (been there one year) has ERICS(Everyone Reads In Complete Silence) for the last 20 mins of the day on Friday. They are all expected to bring a booka nd its 10 mins detention and 20 mins reading one of my Science textbooks if they forget. My favourite time fo the week... I can go around and check planners in peace, talk to them about their books and sometimes even have time to hear my SEN kids read, (especially when the student teachers are in)...
  11. I am an NQT and have a Y7 form in September. Our school have a policy of silent reading, and the form teacher I am taking over from gave me a box of books for those who 'forget' theirs, so no excuses! I thought it was a great idea.
  12. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    I'm so glad someone has posted this.
    I am going to be a form tutor for the first time in September (a vertical tutor group) and have ZERO idea what this entails as I am a primary teacher moving into secondary.
    I would love any more tips or ideas.
    All I know is that form time is in the afternoon. I think it's after lunch. I don't even know when assemblies are.
    What am I meant to do as a form tutor?
    Sparkly :)
  13. Hi Sparkly
    I'm in the same position as you; primary trained moving to secondary with a vertical tutor group.
    Have done some supply though, and you will take the register and read out any notices. You will probably check their planners or homework diaries; these usually need to be signed by the students and parents. If no formal direction, and you will find out in the non pupil day, spend the time chatting to students, letting them read or do homework.
    You will find the earlier post which someone laid out their routines would work equally well in a vertical tutor group and I intend to use this if not told to do anything else.
    Also: have a look at http://www.schoolsproject.co.uk/mts1.htm There are great tutor time activities as well as normal time fillers. It does cost, about &pound;24 for a year's subscription I think, but well worth it. I've signed up!
    Good luck. I'm sure we'll be fine!

  14. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    Hi scaredymare,
    Nice to meet someone in a similar situation! All the teachers I know are primary, so not been able to ask anyone else's opinion.
    Thanks for the link- I'll have a look.
    I think I'll be posting on here quite a bit in the first few weeks [​IMG]

    Good luck to you too - hope everything goes ok for you.
  15. Hi everyone!

    I am about to go into my 2nd year as a form tutor for a vertical Year 7 and 8 form.
    The general structure I use includes: checking planners, silent reading (I teach English, so extra books are in good supply!!), current world issues and closer to home (this can also include personal issues within the form that need to be sorted) and then we have two assemblies and PSHE that take up three mornings.
    For everyone just starting as a form tutor, the only advice I could give is DON'T PANIC! Those pupils will look to you as a point of contact and someone they feel comfortable in talking to - just be yourself! I was so scared taking on my form last year, but within about 2 weeks, we had really settled into a good routine, where we could have a positive, fun time in the mornings, but they also understood the consequences if they had done something wrong!
    One tip I would give to vertical form tutors: try and get the different year groups mixing as much as possible - I became aware very quickly that without my encouragement, Year 7 and 8 would stay on different sides of the room! So, I tried to plan activities/tasks that would involve them mixing with each other.
    Good luck to everyone - I look forward to seeing how you are all getting on!
  16. I'm really interested to see all of your ideas, but was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about things to do with 6th form tutor groups. I'll be starting as an NQT in September and will have a year 12 tutor group. Having worked in KS3 and 4 tutor groups I am really comfortable planning for them, but have no clue where to start with year 12!
  17. I will be getting a form class from September too, i'm in my second year of teaching. They are a yr 10 class who I know some of and who have had several tutors. There are a few characters in there and I want to get them 'on side' from Sept but I also want them to know that I mean business and wonder what sort of 'speech' I can give will help this. My school also has planners but by year 10 not many students use them at all, many having lost them. I think they are really important and again want to get this across and the fact I will be checking them and there will be punishments if they lose them. My main concern is that by year 10 they are quite disillusioned and just see form time as a chance to chat and mess about, however we get 25 mins of form time every day as well as a tutorial lesson each week so I don't want this to be wasted time but I can see a lot of resistance to me making them do work/expecting things from them. Any one got any experience of this or any ideas how I can approach it and get the year off to a god start?
  18. helsbels14

    helsbels14 New commenter

    I have set tasks to do on set days. We have a 25 minute tutor time after lunch. So each day we do something different, which are - Year assembly, Problem Solving activities (Brain training puzzles), Current Affairs (Watch BBC iplayer - news, or a documentary which we then can discuss), Thinking skills (i.e. a man waters his flowers, turns off all the lights and locks his front door, later that night 5 people die - why is it the mans fault? Ans: He was the lighthouse keeper and turned the lights out so the ship crashed-my form love these), checking planners and friday is always Pub Quiz - with this they get into their own teams and we total up the points over a half term, the winning team win a box of chocs. I also give put points/merits etc for the other smaller challenges we do across the week.
    The activities give the students something to do and allows me the opportunity to go around and talk to them about their day/week.
  19. Base

    Base New commenter

    Good thread, cannot understand why there is no dedicated forum for form tutors in here!?

    Going into my second year of teaching and will have a Y7 group. Had Y11 in the NQT year, whilst not disastrous, it took a while to get any kind of relationship with them. They'd had several tutors over the years and it took some effort to get quiet for registration. Managed it after a couple of run-ins with the groups 'personalities' (which kind of helped with the rest of the class when they realised I wasn't going to let them get away with poor behaviour), a seating plan (which they hated with a passion) and the carrot of being allowed to sit where they wished one day a week as a reward for good behaviour. By the end of the year we had a pretty good releationship and I'd genuinely have liked to carry on with them (something I never would have expected at the beginning of the year).

    Looking forward to taking a group right through their school lives though. Really hoping that the school doesn't start a vertical grouping system or anything else that mixes up the groups after a couple of years, I really think that having the same tutor throughout the 5 years makes a big difference, and it's rare at my school...
  20. For those of you still struggling with Tutor Time- Good News! My book is out and full of practical ideas and how to do this job that hardly anyone is trained for, yet has to do. I hope you enjoy it. I am happy to send you extracts to review by email. http://www.speechmark.net/shop/making-most-tutor-time hermione potter

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