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New Edexcel Spec

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by aoconnor334, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. aoconnor334

    aoconnor334 New commenter

    I am struggling to see any glaring differences between the new spec and old. Can anyone help?? I think I am being blind!
  2. Spec for what?
  3. matthewcoe

    matthewcoe New commenter

    The one I notcied was that the students have to sit Paper 3 in the final year of their course. I have tended to get some students to sit this paper earlier. You can still do Controlled Assessments throughout the course but Paper 3 definitely done at the end.
  4. The new, from Sept 2012, Edexcel GCSE Spec. From what I have heard back from the moderators weekend last Sat and Sun Edexcel don't even know what they are looking for anymore or at least it is different from what they are asking us to do. Unit 2 off text / on text / linked to text chaos a clasic example.
  5. I've received different answers regarding this and also regarding assessment of evaluation during practical lessons from Edexcel and moderators. Very worrying.
  6. The new spec has had no meetings of moderators.
    Last weekend was for moderators of THIS summer's exam Units 1 & 2.
    Those who attended are not supposed to discuss what happened at the weekend.
    It was certainly interesting.
    There seems to be a conflation of two different things in this thread; both are important, but are not the same.
  7. This isn't Edexcel GCSE, is it?
  8. aoconnor334

    aoconnor334 New commenter

    I am taking about Edexcel GCSE starting in 2012 - first examination will be 2014.
  9. There is very little difference. It says:
    From summer 2014 onwards students will be required to sit all of their
    examinations at the end of the course. Students may complete the
    internally assessed controlled assessment tasks at any appropriate point
    during the course and internally assessed controlled assessment work
    must be submitted for moderation at the end of the course.

    This is actually no change at all - Units 1 & 2 are internally assessed controlled assessment tasks - do at any time; Unit 3 has always been compulsory during the final few months of the course.
  10. I personally see no difference as I always complete the course in 1, 2, 3 order.....
  11. Well I for one am glad that the said person who attended the moderators meeting did share what happenend with me. I think many centres will be dissapointed with their results this year as there has been such conflicting information which could have been avoided if more moderators / examiners did share what they know. Telling us what Edexcel want to see / for us to do is the job of the I.C.E and Spec but it seems it is ok to change the goal posts mid year (Or after you have purchased the edexcel student and teacher packs at a hefty price only to discover that their suggested examples you actually cannot use in unit 2 .......)

  12. I can't disagree with the first part of the sentence; moderators are under contract and the contract forbids them from discussing the content of meetings. Contrcts would be withdrawn for anyone breeching this (i.e. sacked) and work for any other exam board would be impossible and the school where the moderator teaches would be informed of examination confidentiality issues, leading to possible disciplinary measures. Honest.
    If you act on your "source's" information and your students are marked down, what are you going to do? Put in appeal and say "Well, a moderator told me....." ?
    What are you unclear about, specifically?

  13. matthewcoe

    matthewcoe New commenter

    I allowed students to sit this paper in first year of course as I was informed by Exams Officer that they could do a maximum of 40% in the first year.
  14. No - Unit 3 has to take place between Feb 1 and May 25th in Year 11 (or the final year of the course) if you are talking about Edexcel GCSE Drama.
    This has always been the case.
  15. Point taken but as with most advice from others I take it with a pinch of salt until my own exploration can confirm the facts.
    My worry specifically is when I am teaching a course well and have students who in previous years using the same Spec and same SOW template (differentiated for the new group of course) have done well, but by using that same winning formula will not do well this year. I hesitate to add too much more as you have rightly pointed out, how I came by this information may get someone in trouble and should someone know who I am then the logical link will be made.
    At the end of the day I am tired of having to adapt on a whim instead of being able to hone and create a winning formula. I do not advocate teaching to pass exams but I would like to feel like the expert once in a while.
  16. Yes, the same "winning formula" would work with the old Spec; however, we have a new spec now and no one will have a winning formula just yet. It will take a year or two to settle down and for teachers to realise that 2DR01 is not 1699 and the old ways of doing things are not all relevant to the new spec. I'm afraid, it is about adapting but it's not a whim. Do remember that the change to spec was forced on the board by Ofqual (or whichever government quango deals with such things now). Edexcel have done their best to ensure the transition between the specs is as painless as possible; however, I suspect not all drama teachers have 'realised' that the two specs are different which has caused problems. In my own school, the HODrama got things wrong last year but has adapted this year, so things should be much better. It's something that happens in all subjects: my main subject is English, and we have had to change the way we do things last year and this for the new spec and the changes from modular to linear assessment means I have to change things yet again.
  17. Compulsory standardisation meetings would really help iron out these problems.
    If I am correct Arthur, they have these in English.
    But it must be said that some of the most useful info on this forum have been from teachers who have attended the MEETINGS (not moderator meetings). If it is important we should ALL know it.
  18. I quite agree: unfortunately, Edexcel is owned by Pearson - a profit making company - and a compulsory standardising meeting costs too much money - hence it was abolished after the first year of 1699. As for English, it varies from board to board- there's no compulsory standardising for GCSE from WJEC, for example.
  19. Would you not then agree that it is the students grades that suffer in this interim period whilst we try and get a handle on <u>exactly</u> what this winning formula is?
    I am sorry it sounds like i'm being awfully negative in this thread I just want my kids to do well and up until about two years ago they were. Now the allusive A* seems to slip further away with the "Outstanding" band being brought in and the C students under the old spec seem to be D's under the new spec. By changing the spec and the rules there is no consistency in what a grade actually looks like at GCSE.
  20. That elusive A* was ( and is still) awarded to the top 5% of students - in fact, under the old spec if often dipped a bit to 4.8 or 4.9%. With the new Spec, that 5% are easier to spot. I also think that trying to compare C grade students under the old spec and the new is bit of a blind alley because the specs are asking slightly different things of students. I think I can say, with a year's experience of the new spec, that the standard is the same as the old spec - how it's reached and the marks awarded are very different. We are in a completely different world with the marking of a recorded session to verify the award of practical marks. And remember, that changes like that were required by Ofqual, they are not changes that Edexcel just wanted to make to their very successful spec. 1699 lasted much longer than specifications in some other subjects did. From the length of time the spec was available, it might be fair to say that Edexcel didn't really want to change the winning formula. The consistency in what grades looks like is clear to the chief examiner and principal moderator. Something that needs to be remembered about last year's results is that approx the same percentage of students received given grade as received the same given grade in the previous year under the old spec - so, a C is a C is a C. As teachers, we need to get our heads around the new spec and what is being assessed and HOW it is now being assessed

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