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NEW Edexcel GCSE Exemplars - TOP BAND!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by corblimeyguvnor, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Just in case you didn't yet know, there are new examples of Unit 1 and 2 written work on the web-site - it's VERY helpful to at last have some top band work for all three pieces of writing and you can also order a DVD of top band practical.
  2. Great - thanks! Are they annotated?
  3. Excellent timing!!! AFTER I've done the work.........
    They should help next year for me then....providing they don't change the goalposts again!!!!!
  4. Hmmm
    Just tried to download them off the Edexcel website and my laptop won't open them because they are "corrupted".
    If anyone has managed to download them successfully; could someone please email them to me? My email address is nwyllie@hotmail.co.uk. thanks!!!!!
  5. I can't find them on the site, can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  6. Sorry, Think I've found them, is it the Blood Wedding one for Unit 2? If so, the documentary response is still an excellent not an outstanding. Are there any examples anywhere of an outstanding documentary response to the unit 2 play exploration?
  7. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Hi - Yes it's the BW ones - there are four on there and one is outstanding (I think the others are to show you whst 'is't quite' there!
  8. I can't actually download anything from the Edexcel website...keeps coming up saying "no results found"...even for the spec!!
  9. I can't either. Could someone please email the examples to me. My email address is j.haskew@cardinal-heenan.org.uk

    The edexcel website could be great if you could actually download what they are offering grrr
  10. If anybody feels kind enough to also forward them to me then I would be very appreciative:


    Thanks muchly!

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