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New Curriculum Key Stage 3 Text Books

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lornarawnsley, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. lornarawnsley

    lornarawnsley New commenter

    I currently teach at a Grammar School and I am investigating all the new Maths Text books available on the market. I really need an electronic version of the book in order that students can access questions and examples from home as well as complete homework. We have My Maths but there is not enough problem solving in the online homeworks so we are looking or something to add to this rather than to replace it. So far I have looked at the new My Maths books but they seem to have too few questions per chapter. What texts do others use and would you recommend for an ability range that starts at level 4 and ends at the higher end of the spectrum for the majority? We use Essential Maths currently but there is no e-book and the year 9 book is not as good as the other years.

    Many thanks for your comments
  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    CGP Textbooks. Both the books and the answers are available electronically. Year 7 we use Books 1 and 2, Year 8 we use books 2 and 3. This takes us up to old Level 7.
    Year 9 we use resources for the new GCSE.
  3. sarahtaylor999

    sarahtaylor999 New commenter

    I have been looking at new text books and came to the conclusion I just want one with questions (so many had page after page of colourful examples) as I give explain in lessons how to do the work and mymaths, youtube or some internet page explains it at home. Out of the ones I looked at CGP and a small example and then loads and loads of questions and they are not too expensive.

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