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New curriculum and QCA schemes of work

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by newtonlucy, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Just out of curiosity...where do the QCA schemes of work stand after the change in the curriculum? I dont know if there is a massive change or if i'm asking a stupid question!!
  2. could you give me some more info please.?
  3. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    they don't exist any more, apart from at KS1 and KS2. All departments should use the curriculum guidance for the new school curriculum to plan work. They may continue with a theme they enjoyed from the QCA schemes but as the changes are pedagogical they will have to look at how it is delivered.
  4. D4n


    In a sense there is no change. The schemes of work published by QCA were only examples of what a scheme of work could be. They were not statutory, or compulsory. Most secondary schools adapted them if they did not ignore them completely. I guess they became a cliche but they were not bad practice and for a time modelled purposeful sequential learning which was useful at the time and has become the norm. In primary schools it was different and at least 80% of primary schools adopted QCA units in their entirety whether they understood them or not.

    The new secondary curriculum was designed to be 'backwards compatible' and anything which was effective in fulfilling the old national curriculum should still broadly fulfil the demands of the new secondary curriculum - with perhaps a few tweaks. So it is perfectly possible for a school which has developed a good practice based upon some (or even all) of the QCA units of work to continue to do so. The minimum requirement for the new secondary curriculum is probably simply to review and audit the current curriculum to check it fulfils the the new requirements. Curriculum content is not a major issue.

    There is, however, an interesting undercurrent of change in that the level descriptions have been rewritten and these are now constructed from a different conceptual framework (based upon the four key concepts: creativity, competency, critical understanding and cultural understanding). This suggests a revision of the assessment criteria and vocabulary used with pupils. It is helpful that the new levels are drawn explicitly from the four key concepts which define the new curriculum and consequently will be relevant when auditing the learning opportunities provided by the programme of study.

    So in answer to your question, there need not be a massive change. But there is certainly an opportunity to embrace change and take the opportunity and freedom offered by the new secondary curriculum to develop a curriculum which is tailor made for the needs of your school and students.
  5. HI
    I am in primary and just taken over the role of Art co-ordinator.
    In your school are thery not in the Art co-ordinators file - thats where all mine are. Try lookign on internet too.
    We are trying to be more flexible/creative with the curriculum now so I have broken down the NC for art and left it open to teachers; told them as long as in KS1/KS2 they cover this, this and this (basically form NC) then how they do it is up to them.
    Some of them are trialling having art weeks to cover the skills in blocks as often they take time to develop rather than stand alone lessons.
    Also we have just bought the Art express scheme (same company as Music express) which has great ideas for lessons based on the main art strands and it has a CD with galleries of work for you to share with children and also gives examples of assessment in Art. It seems really good, but again Teachers will only be dipping into this for ideas, not using it solely (unless they are lacking in confidence in their art teaching).
    : )

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