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New Course AQA sociology

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by JodiP, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. JodiP

    JodiP New commenter

    We use Collins and Nelson Thornes AQA ans Blundell. I have just swapped from AQA to WJEC and am getting much better results from WJEC. Have a look at their papers - much more pupil friendly. I would love to swap and share resources. My school email is Kbowman@georgegreens.com if you would like me to send you things I have got already
  2. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I use Ken Browne for AS and A2, as every possible topic is covered in depth. I find the 'officially endorsed' Nelson Thornes textbook is much too brief for A*- students.
    Which topics will you choose?
    My recommendations are:
    SCLY1 Wealth Poverty and Welfare (Families is more popular but has more content to cover)
    SCLY2 Education (and compulsory Methods)
    SCLY3 Beliefs
    SCLY4 Crime & Deviance (and compulsory theory and methods).
    Good luck setting up the course!


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