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new class, new job, Toolkit

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. a link to some autumn display materials
  2. but better still look for freebies on paradise thread or in resource bank
  3. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

  4. ?
    ? Some suggestions re posters re a to do list
    ? write a letter to new parents introducing myself and saying what day children need reading books and PE kits.
    * Sort out stationary and new desk boxes.
    * A couple of the main displays
    * foundation subject MTPs and first weeks planning.
    * tray labels.
    * Decide on reward system.
    * label books and think about targets.
    * clean classroom and organise tabels.
    * Sort out a job rota for the children.
    * Label homework trays and finished work trays.
    * Make some posters for routines of the day e.g. what to do during registration.

    * fill in diary with all known dates
    * stick copy of school calendar into diary
    * prepare box file of 'emergency' work for when you are too ill to send in work, or have to go home in the middle of the day.
    * create a wet weather box with activities for the pupils

    * do seating plans, group children based on this years results and make table labels
    * visit ********** and download, print and laminate everything on site!
    * organise teacher's cupboard ( new and old (I'm moving classroom!)
    * order Library Service boxes for topics and themes

    *Prepare peg labels so children know where to put things each day - a nightmare often without a designated peg!
    *Prepare Birthday display?

    * Produce a bank of labels for each child to use on displays (back them on black border when you put them up)
    * Set up file for supply teachers including children's name labels, classroom routines, behaviour management etc.
    ? ? Create Literacy Homework Record
    ? Create Numeracy Homework Record
    ? Create Literacy Marksheet
    ? Create Numeracy Marksheet
    ? Create multiplication test scoresheet
    ? Create Science Marksheet
    ? Create RE Marksheet
    ? Craete PSHE Marksheet
    ? Create MFL Marksheet
    ? Create History Marksheet
    ? Create Geography Marksheet
    ? Create DT Marksheet
    ? Create PE Marksheet
    ? Set up report files per child
    ? Think lot of above group sounds a little over and above
    ? Merit marks chart
    ? Golden Time chart
    ? Childrens drawer labels
    ? Equipment labels for boxes
    ? Seating plans for lit, num and science
    ? Guided reading groups
    ? Timetable
    ? Laminate individual cards for random selection of children

    ? Back display boards
    ? Decide on displays ? allocate boards eg Literacy, Timetable
    ? Numeracy, Science, Superlearner, Admin, Jobs display, MFL, DT
    ? Examples of how to set out work
    ? Mnemonics
    ? Clock display around round window inc 24 hour ?
    ? Calendar
    ? Connectives
    ? Seating Plans
    ? Birthday Chart
    ? Merit marks chart
    ? 10 Commandments & Lord?s Prayer
    ? Good writers
    ? Good readers
    ? Brandon chart
    ? Daniel Chart

    ? Label children?s drawers
    ? Label books and folders
    ? Sort out Golden Time cupboard
    ? Set up homework boxes & Homework Diaries box
    ? Set up book boxes
    ? Set up planning files - 2 numeracy, 1 each for others
    ? Clean whiteboards
    ? Make wipers
    ? Collect whiteboard pens, pencils, pens, gluesticks, crayons, felt tips
    ? Set up hanging file in filing cabinet for each child

    ? Get children?s addresses and send postcard
    ? Raffle tickets and prizes
  5. bumping this as lots of threads saying what shall i do when i start in new class and as well as lots of other great links this has links to those types of activities
  6. Hi,
    When i click on the links for the threads they take me back to the homepage? Is there any way around this? Can anyone help me?
    I'm an NQT in Sept with a Y2 class and am looking to build a list of everything to do!!! Thankyou very much

  7. Wow what an amazing resource of ideas! Thank you so much for putting this up!!
  8. sadly the links to TES threads no longer work as when TES changed last year they all got lost ( had no idea this was going to happen so couldnt save the info) however still some good info here and external links that work. Love gentlebens site where some things did get saved
  9. Fantastic list. Thanks very much.
    How do you get time to do all of this?
  10. It wasnt my list but collation of others dont think anyone was suggesting do them all![​IMG]
  11. ********** resources are not permitted for use by many teachers in their classrooms in certain local authorities due to the owner of the site being convicted recently. Please do not use unless you definately know youe LEA allows you to use them.

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