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New class lists

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by teacherof30, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. teacherof30

    teacherof30 New commenter

    Just curious as to how you work out who you are going to put into which class if you are a more than one form entry for reception. Is it just a matter of splitting up boys/girls, summer/winter or do you take other factors into account?
  2. Plus info from play groups - behaviour, ability etc.
  3. As above, plus if any teacher has taught siblings we put them with the same teacher as they know the parents well.
  4. We don't give them any choice - only if playgroup tell us to separate particular groups. If you give choice you will be there forever - they will make new friends very quickly.
  5. We don't put the children in same teacher's class as previous siblings because as the years progress we get parents who become too familiar with a specific teacher so we put next child in with teacher no 2

  6. Can you explain this more? We build up great relationships with the parents of the children we teach, so parents would be offended if we didn't want to have their younger children in our class.
  7. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    We try to get an even mixture of boys and girls, and different ages. We also find information from playgroups and nurseries very helpful eg special needs, behaviour and friendships - either children who we want to split up, or friends that it would be good to keep together.
    We don't give parents any say other than letting them choose whether they would like twins kept together or separated.
    Our Foundation leader does the class lists. Generally, the Reception teachers aren't involved, although if we've had a particularly difficult parent in the past, we'll ask not to have the younger sibling.
  8. We have a 3 form reception unit where children can freely move between rooms. Last year and this year we have done the classes by age. We found this to be really successful this year, with the younger group of children having more emphasis on shorter carpet times. On the older children having a slightly different PSE emphasis.
    In previous years we have based the classes on info from playgroups, but we have so many parents saying I don't want this child with my child etc that last year we were able to say it is being done by age, no changes allowed.
    We found that children who weren't with their best friend know some of the children from being in the same birth group! Also, as the children are allowed to mix freely in choosing times they can be with their old friends, but actually, after a couple of weeks they have usually made new friendships anyway!
    The only advice I would give about this, is that they will now need mixing before going into year 1. So if you cannot usually do this then I would not advise it.

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