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New Citizenship NC Level Descriptors

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by CullyK, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Has anyone had a go at putting the new level descriptors into 'child-friendly' speak? I want to create a shorter version which students can stick into their exercise books and there is no point in reinventing the wheel!!
  2. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    I have one, didn't do it myself, by can email you if you leave your email address, no problem :eek:)
  3. Hi InControliThink,
    Could I possibly get a copy of those 'child-friendly' level descritions as well. I am new to this subject and that would be really helpful for me.

    many thanks,
  4. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    sent to both. :eek:)
  5. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    CullyK, yours has been returned. Should it be an underscore in email rather than hyphen?
  6. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    Ignore that, just spotted that hotmail was spelt wrong and i copied and pasted! (i do it all the time!). sent again.
  7. budge

    budge New commenter

  8. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    Sent to you both.
  9. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    done and done :eek:)
  10. hi there
    thank you for 'sending' me a copy - but its not in my in, spam or junk box, could i ask that you send it again (or put in the tes resource bank perhaps?)
  11. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    Ooh, apologies you didn't get, have send it again, let me know if you don't. Randomly my mum has also said that emails from me and others to her yahoo account haven't gone through recently so there may be some underlying issue there.
    Will try and figure out how to add it to resource bank too.
  12. InControliThink

    InControliThink New commenter

    A bit iffy about putting it in bank actually as, as i said, i did not write them so dont want to claim any credit! BUT, worked out were i got them from.....err, i must have literally just googled 'citizenship levels kids speak' and it was first option !!
    here is the link from the citizenship foundation forum.

  13. Thank you - the link worked.
    I will amend the course booklet for September
  14. Please could I have acopy of the descriptors. In addition, I shall be delivering AQA short course from SEpt. Do you have any ideas fro SowS or resources to use

    Thanks in advance

    David.Scholes@salford. gov.uk
  15. Hi InControliThink,
    Please could I also have a copy of child friendly level descriptors. E mail address as follows

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