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New CE Religious Studies Curriculum planning

Discussion in 'Independent' started by ninek, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. ninek

    ninek New commenter

    My school have decided to teach the theology section (both topics) of the new Religious Studies (TPR) CE curriculum and also the Ethics topic in the Philosophy section. I have some questions about planning the scheme of work.

    Option 1 is to teach it thematically across all three topics, so for example, the environment ethical study would be taught as part of a study of Genesis (from both God's Relationship with the World and Human Responses to God) . Could including the ethics study at around the same time potentially be confusing/lack clarity with regards to the theology topics?

    Option 2 would be to to teach the theology topics separately so that I would first focus on topic 1, then move on to topic 2, either incorporating the ethics topics or simply teaching ethics after finishing theology. I am reluctant to leave all the ethics work to year 8 as I fear year 7 may not particularly engaging if it is solely focussed on the Bible.

    Apologise for my ramblings and any thoughts would be appreciated.

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