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New career path help!!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by maimes, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all I'm looking for your help!!
    After a really terrible year that included being bullied by school management, suffering from depression and my overall healthnot being great I have decided that I need a career change!
    I have lost all confidence when it comes to teaching but I do love working with children.
    I have thought about nursery nurse jobs and the like but was wondering if anyone can suggest any other jobs that might be suitable with my degree?

    I do quite like the idea of working for a children's charity but not quite sure in what aspect!

    Help!!! Any suggestions will be welcomed!!!!

    Ta folks!
  2. What's your degree in? Or were you referring to your PGCE when you said that?
  3. I have recently seen an interesting job at a wildlife park. They wanted someone with a degree, and experience working with children to do their educational talks, and organise activities for visiting children.
    I thought it sounded like a great job, but I imagine not something that comes up very often.
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    In a similar vein, my D-i-L went for an interview to do something similar at the National Space Centre. Didn't get it, but was successful elsewhere.
  5. Sorry daydreamer forgot to actually put that in lol!! I have a BEd Hons in primary ed.

    Those sound really interesting!! I hadn't thought of lookking into places like zoo's.

  6. oops *looking
  7. The zoo idea does sound really interesting. Also I know it is related to teaching but the atmosphere is likely to be easier to cope with-how about being a teacher in a hospital?
  8. Another interesting idea! I live in Scotland and so far not found anything that really fits! Apparently telesales are looking :p

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