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new career path for AST?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by a long half term, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. with the proposed changes to the AST status what do people see as the next step?

    Was hoping to take the route of taching and learning and mentoring - why do i have to go down the route of SLT instead?
  2. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Excuse my ignorance, but what changes? Anyone got a link?
  3. AST and Excellent teacher standards are likely to be replaced by a new 'Master Teacher' standard. Currently Mr. Gove is minded there will need to be consideration given to the transition with regard to those already on AST/ET scales.

  4. AST has always been a bit of a mixed bag. I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has. I know in my own LA that once direct funding for the scheme stopped, the number of AST posts was slashed from 7 to 1 (we are admittedly a small LA). One school continued to fun a post as part of their Maths and Computing status but with the demise of 'specialisms' even that post looks likely to go now.
  5. weggster

    weggster New commenter

    Although it hasn't been said (yet), I think that the SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) role might eventually replace AST.
    SLEs won't be getting paid but they could be doing approximately 15 days outreach work per year.
    As LEAs disappear the outreach work might be replaced by Teaching Schools and their alliances filling the gap.
    Have a look at the SLE material on the National College website, there's some intersting clues on there.
  6. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    The SLEs won't be paid directly, but their schools will, so I wonder whether a similar model might develop for ASTs?
    Schools would continue to employ ASTs and will then 'sell' them out to other schools. This would fund their salaries, would enable schools that have particular issues with which they need support to continue to access ASTs, and could result in lots of flexibility. The AST could do a couple of days of work or could be deployed for a day a week for a whole year.


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