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New blog aimed at Religious Education PGCE/NQTs

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MV258, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. MV258

    MV258 New commenter

    Hi there!

    I just thought I'd share a new blog - mrvinceblog - which are reflections on my time as a PGCE/NQT student. I aim to update the blog bi-weekly following what I remember going through on the PGCE course, then the NQT year. I have a positive outlook on the process, but I hope to also flag up some of the challenges I faced.

    Furthermore, it will be very trainee-focussed; particularly in reference to evidencing and observations. This was a real sticking point for me during the process, and as such I have developed some ways of directly evidencing the standards in practice that are VERY OBVIOUS FOR OBSERVERS. There are also some resource/signposting pages on there too, which I will add to further over time.

    In terms of myself, I completed the Secondary Religious Education PGCE at Exeter University (which is renowned for its paperwork) followed by a successful NQT year in a school in Devon. I am now undertaking a PhD at Cardiff University, looking to explore the identity of Muslim Teachers in the UK.

    I am also looking to contribute to other blogs, so please feel free to contact me on this behalf.

    I hope it is of some use as the year goes on, and good luck!

    Matt Vince
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